Saturday, August 17, 2013

Avon opal topcoat VS Revlon Moon candy in moon dust

A bit ago when I learned this was going to be released I posted about my initial excitement. You can see that post here:

As I was staring at this topcoat from Avon I came to a new realization of what this reminded me of.

I sat the two together and they really do look similar In the bottles. I hadn't tried moon dust yet so I figured why not test Both at the same time. I wanted to know if application,coverage,look was to each brand to call this a dupe or if it was feasible to have both in my collection. 

So begins the nail polish war!!!


The Avon opal topcoat came out at a starting price of $3.99 and I've seen the Revlon at various prices but when it comes to the amount per cost I am going to have to say that Avon wins this one.




In the bottle they look exactly the same and at first glance on the nails it looks the same until you look at it closer.

The Avon top coat is more blue than the Revlon and blue is my favorite color. I also like how the shards in the Avon look over the Revlon.



I found both to be the same in consistency. Both are very thick and gloopy but as long as you clean off the extra base from the brush application and dry time is the same.

This one is a tie.


I used 2 coats on index and middle finger and one coat each for the last 2. 

This one is also a Tie for me.

To me Avon was the winner in this battle of polish. To me I loved the blue gleam that the Avon had vs the mostly green of the Revlon. I am all about saving money so I can buy even more polish so I love deals and when it came to cost per ml the Avon is a much better deal.

Now Is it worth to have both in your collection? That is a hard question to ask, the Revlon has the black base coat with it. The thing I love about the base is that in one coat it was opaque and I didn't have to apply multiple coats.

Even though I love the black base included in the Moon Candy from Revlon I cannot find it feasible to own both specially at the cost of $8.99. When I first applied this I thought I would like to buy the black by itself if available. Now that I have removed the polish I think otherwise as it stained my nails so horribly I am using white to cover the staining.

More pictures 

I was not provided these above products in exchange for a review.


  1. I would say Avon too only because I really don't like green. I think they both look great but for a less expensive price Avon takes it! Thanks for sharing this with us.

  2. I like the Avon too...thanks for a great post and comparison!

  3. You always come up with the best nail designs to show us new products available. Truly love the comparison though. Absolutely love this one and I would definitely have to say AVON. Thanks for sharing with us and I will go to their site now because my 8 year would die for this product.

  4. Definitely Avon as the blue stands out so much better than the green. Love the way that you did the comparison photos.

  5. I like Avon the best in these. Probably because of the blue. They are awfully close though. :)


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