Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Butter London Knees Up Review

Butter London Knees Up Review

I recently got the chance to work with the highly loved brand Butter London. While looking at the colors Knees Up caught my eye, such a lovely red with a metallic sheen.

I have been looking for a red to be a staple in my collection and I believe that this is it! My coworkers even joined in on the fun! Out came the remover, cotton balls, clear coat and we had a blast!

The great thing about this color is it only takes one coat to give you the most beautiful red lacquer I have ever seen. My coworkers adored this and my old man even noticed (he usually only notices glitter polish.)

The color of Knees Up remind me of Dorthy's slippers from the wizard of oz. Everyone says that they think something else because there is no glitter but to me just the sheen makes me think of the sparkling of the glitter. This is a color I will be coming back for more of!

Our nails!


Jessica used both a base and top coat and still experienced chipping.

Our nail diva Alicia! 
As you can tell she is much better then us at nail clean up.

Rubyblood (Me!)

 I accidentally bumped my pointer finger :(

With flash

Without flash


My nails started to chip which made me sad but I didn't use any clear coat so it was to be expected. So I added some Black.
I free handed the tips so they aren't even but I really like the black and the red together. I thought about adding crackle over top when it chipped the next time but I couldn't bring myself to cover Knees Up.

                                                                  Without flash on model

Without flash on model

Even with the chipping I adore this color so much that I plan on keeping a bottle on hand.

I give this 4.5 stars out of 5 simply due to the chipping

There is so many of the Butter London Lacquer that look amazing that I found it hard to create a top 10 list of ones I want to try but after much deliberation this is what I came up with.

I received Knees Up in exchange for an honest review all thoughts are my own.


  1. Oh I love it thanks for the review butter london is one of my fav nail lacquer brands and I don't own this color but I'll be purchasing it soon <3

  2. I love this color!! I am always looking for great nail polish! Considering my job duties, my nail polish normally chips easy! I am going to look into this! Thank you for the review

  3. I own one of theirs too but not this lovely red. This is something I need in my collection especially for those special chinese holidays. I love your review of all the different ladies so cute.

  4. I never heard of them before now but wow your nails are gorgeous!I really love the color selection that they offer too.

  5. Never heard of Butter before but I love the shine that the polish has!

  6. I love reds...that color is beautiful!

  7. wanna try butter sooo bad!!!

  8. Love the red, so pretty. I'm sure all their colors are pretty. #8 is cute too.

  9. Now this color is me..... I love reds. I usually wear a little darker red but I love this color. I always go for a polish that has a shimmer to it so that was one of the things that drew me to this color! And it reminds me of dorothys shoes too! Lol. Ill definately be buying this one to add to my collection of nail polishes. Thanks for the awesome review and introducing me to this color!


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