Thursday, August 2, 2012

Book review: Blood and Guitars

I am totally in love with vampire books. That being said this book captivated me from the start.
It took me time to get through the book just because of life in general got in my way. I would try to read when I could which was mostly when I should have been asleep and would end up going to bed at least 2 hours late each time I did that. Finally I sat down one day and I told everyone I was busy and wasn't going to do anything else till I finished the book and that's what I did!
As soon as I finished the book and it ended on a cliff hanger I immediately went to see if the next book is out and to my excitement it is out! So I will be buying in after payday to see what happens next. I can not explain this book any better then the trailer for it so here it is.

Purchase your copy here!

Trey sounds amazingly sexy and some eye candy I would love to see around. Not only sexy but caring too! I just have this urge to recreate his painting.


  1. Oh my, you have me intrigued to read this! I don't have much time for reading either, but this one could be worth it. Thanks for sharing!

  2. OMG! I want this BOOK!!!! Awesome review!

  3. Love to read! This sounds like one I would stay up reading too! =)

  4. Hey, this is Heather Jensen here. :) I just found your review of Blood And Guitars and wanted to thank you for helping me spread the word about the series. I hope you enjoy Immortals And Melodies, as well. I'm currently writing the third book in the series, Fangs And Fame. I've really enjoyed checking out the blog here (great crocheting, by the way ;)) and I'm following by email now. Thanks again for the wonderful review. Let me know if you'd ever be interested in an interview or guest post.

    1. Hey Heather I love the book! I am working on a list of 2 books I have to get out of the way (I borrowed them and have to give them back.)and then i'm hopping right into immortals and melodies! I am very excited to see what happens to Trey and Aurora next. I would definitely be interested in one or both! Please contact me via email at as I don't believe I have your email address.


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