Friday, August 3, 2012

Trespass America Festival!

This was the biggest concert that I had been to save one other and that was the Music as a Weapon tour. The bands that played was:

I had seen Killswitch and Pop Evil before so I wasn't really there for them.
The bands I was anxious to see were 5FDP and Trivium. I spent the first half of the concert hanging out in the stadium bar because there was a place to sit and I was on the floor for this one. I had never heard of the other bands so I made a trip to floor each time a new band came out and checked it out and went back to listening to them from the bar to rest my poor feet till the bands I was there to see came on. I went to the concert with only 3 1/2 hrs sleep after getting off work at 8:35am that morning. I actually went out there for pop evil and stayed on the floor but my feet hurt so band by time the last band hit the stage. I also experienced a low blood sugar caused by my Meds and held on till change of bands so I could go get some soda to bring it back up.

So on to random thoughts of the night. I was watching pop evil and I couldn't get over how this bass player looked a little off to me.
Now I couldn't tell if it was because his hair made his head look tiny (Which he has some beautiful hair.) or if it was something else. I did notice that his nose seemed a little long and his chin a little pointy. So then later I realized he had the look of a "Crackhead". Now if you don't know the classic crackhead face then here look at this:
So after looking for pictures for this post to illustrate my thoughts I found this picture:

So how did a hottie go from this to his current look? Well it could be a few things, First this sexy pic could totally be the work of some great Photoshop. Other reasons are:
  • Drugs: (like crack) If this is the case dude I hope you get some help and beat the addiction
  • Illness: I hope you take care of yourself and get to a doctor and get well
  • Eating disorder: Once again I hope you get the help you need to get better.
  • Workaholic: Dude the fans want you healthy do your job but not to the point your sick/sickly looking. 
  • Other: This could be caused by just not eating enough or not eating the right things . Dude I know the world seems to think super skinny is sexy now a days (or at least in the magazines and on TV) but its not hot and you should ignore the peer pressure and gain some weight! (ignore this comment if its any thing else listed above!
Another thing I don't understand is why get so drunk that you act like an idiot at a concert. Tickets are expensive and if your too drunk to walk or you act so stupid you get thrown out you just lost the money you put in the tickets. Plus you wanted to go bad enough you bought the tickets wouldn't you want to remember the show? Worse part of being on the floor was the fact all these drunk idiots were dancing around/head banging with these cups of beer in their hand splashing it all over me. If I wanted to smell like beer I would spray it on myself like cologne (lmao).

When I go to concerts I dont usually take alot of money. I can usually buy anything I want plus drinks on $50 but at this concert everything was extremely high. I cant find anything on any of the bands sites to link to that resembled the merchandise that I'm referring to nor did I think to take a picture while I was there. There were T-shirts and jerseys that were $85! The cheapest was $35, I have never spend so much for so little at a concert before.I got 3 cds (trivium,god forbid, pop evil) A ring,sun glasses, and some drinks. I spent about $80 that night, that's crazy!I got lots of awesome spoils from this concert even if they cost me an arm and a leg see below for pics.
Lionpride Ring from 5fdp.

Killswitch Engage

Trivium, Pop evil, God forbid cd's.

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