Saturday, June 23, 2012

The tribe: tv show review

The Tribe was a show that I watched on WHAM in high school and loved it. My favorite character was lex but I started around season 4 and didnt watch everything so I had no clue how many characters that I missed or so many important story lines. A few months back I was able to get my hands on all 5 seasons of The Tribe, no more in the dark would I be. So I started to watch it from episode 1 and I was hooked. Even though I knew those characters were not there in the future I wanted to know the past and I spent hours just watching them maybe 3-7 episodes at a time. I was so addicted I started to put the show on my cell phone to watch at work during lunch. I couldn't tear myself away the story was drawing me in and I didn't resist. And for those of you who may have never seen the tribe there are 5 seasons with 260episodes! So needless to say this took some time. Now because there is about 52 episodes per season they got to delve deep into the characters and made you feel like you really knew them. I will say that after watching all of them I still think lex is hot but hes a snake. Now by snake I mean he was with most of the main female cast often cheating on who ever he was currently in a relationship with.
The only one that rivaled Lex in his number of conquest was amber. Click here for the list. But where Lex was a dog, Amber was pure of heart. She loved each man for who they were and not just a person to sleep with. Bray was my favorite after watching all the episodes and he was also one of amber's men.

The show was canceled before season 6 could be made and left a lot of us fans hanging. There has been new hope given to us die hards. A book was published covering what would have happened in season 6 but still left some questions unanswered and left us wanting more. I hope they will make more but see here to read my review on the book.

Have fun tribers.

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