Sunday, June 24, 2012

The trials and tribulations of rooting an LG Thrill

I had a friend that wanted to root their LG thrill and gave the task to me. Now rooting is not something I had ever tried or even looked into. So the research began I spent about 3 hours just looking into information. Found multiple ways to do it so I started trying them. They weren't that detailed so I tried them because they said to wait 15 mins and if it didn't to try again. So here is the list of the things that I tried.

  • super one click: used 3 different ways every time I tried to run this program it would go to not responding after only a few mins.
  • ginger break: tried  4 times This requires no pc to do you download the file and run it on your device. It said to wait also 15mins and it should reboot I waited 20 each time and then hard reset still no root. I tried this one about 3-5 times.
  • tried batch file same issue: This was another program I got from online I downloaded the file and ran the software it kept getting stuck. After 3 tries I gave up.
  • unliversal androot: is another with no pc needed I tried multiple times without count and got this weird message.

 So after 1 failed day of trying to root this device I reached out to those that I have had do mine in the past and asked for advice. They got back to me a few hours later. So in the end the things I was missing was manually downloading the drivers from lg's website (which all the instructions just said to plug the phone in and let it install the drivers.) and to make sure that I unplugged the Samsung galaxy s 2 that I was tethering for the internet connection. Did that and boom flew through and was rooted in less than 20 mins. 

I hope you enjoyed this story of me pulling my hair out have fun see you next time.

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