Monday, June 11, 2012

Small town going crazy...

On may 6th a man decided to go through the drive through at local dairy queen and tell them to hand over all the money with a knife, then turned around gave the money back and said was joking paid for food and left. Wow what a crazy.
May 9th A pregnant woman and her husband thinks its a good idea to spray someone with pepper spray and rob them at a hotel. YOUR pregnant why are you robbing people? I hope you enjoy being in jail because that's where that got you.

May 23 Evansville man named in case against a money laundering and crime den operation with IHOP.

May 28th. man riding in truck with on and off again girlfriend snaps and stabs her in the chest and then tries to crash the truck to kill them all.

May 30th. Wow this one is really crazy! This guy has been caught over and over but still was allowed to walk the streets. Propositioned a mother to have sex with her under age daughter and her daughters friend! Then when the told him off he ran in the back door and grabbed the girls boob. I mean dude your 60 why don't you have any sense you pervert. I hope they lock you up forever this time.

May 31st this one is the worst I have read so far. This man was making child pornography with a 8yr!!! Thank god he was sentenced to 115 years because Evansville doesn't need people like that in it.

June 7th a teenager, repeat a TEENAGER robbed someone at intersection of Linwood and Adams. This 15 year old had 2 accomplices  but he was the one that pointed a gun at this guy all for an iPhone and some jewelry. A class B felony at 15? Whats this world coming to.

When at work Sunday morning we discovered that a man stabbed his wife behind lone star steak house . Which is right by work by a 10-15 min walk. (Just found out he was holding their baby when he stabbed her and when caught the baby was covered in their mothers blood.)

Then at the movie theater down the street maybe 20 mins the other direction an hour later someone tried to rob them with a kitchen knife. I tried to find a story online to link to but couldn't find anything in the time I was researching. Had us worried we would have someone banging on the windows trying to get in while we had no security in the building.


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