Monday, June 11, 2012

Life just keeps on.

So its been a crazy week for me. Working on lots of designs for the blog such as buttons and also the about page is being redesigned. Adge and I had food at Ihop Friday morning around 2 am talking about ideas that we want to do in the future and the different things we want to review. I dropped out of the #NabloPoMob because of all the things going on and I wasn't feeling motivated by the prompts but found they made me dread doing them. So in an effort to keep my creative juices flowing I dropped out. Went yard sale hopping with Adge on Saturday and got lots of things, but that will be in another post once I get all the pictures taken. Sunday hung out with Adge doing laundry watching GRIMM on hulu for the first time.

Today hasn't been very good unlike most of the weekend. Had to get gas before heading to the post office and my dog locked us out of the car with the car running and windows up. Got lucky when a utility truck pulled into the parking lot and just happened to have a metal coat hanger. Good thing it may have taken some time before anyone saw my distress signal on my facebook status. By time we gave in and called a locksmith He was able to get the window rolled down enough to get into the car. So after about 30 mins in the heat we and fuzzy were reunited.

So anything interesting happen to you?

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