Saturday, March 31, 2012

Cop asks to blow

So someone I know ran into this and I thought it was funny check out the image for details.

Shane dawson

He's amazing. Love the music videos he does (parody). They crack me up. The ones where he just talks sometimes gets boring but I still hang on!
Plus he's cute.
Shane Dawson

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My dog fuzz

Just watched my dog get out of the van see a girl jogging thinking she was playin with him he started to chase her jumpin under her feet and trying to trip her!

A 4-5 hour scarf

Got bored made another scarf for the homeless

My shopping haul

Went to hot topic and stocked up on non normal color makeup! Wooo so awesome. Shouldn't have to buy any for awhile. Also go cute hello kitty and gir earrings!
shopping haul

Baby blanket

I made this for an order.

Monday, March 26, 2012

16 and pregnant....... oh boy

So I turned on the tv when I was close to going to bed and didn’t feel up to doing anything and my dvr was *gasp* empty…..bum bum buuummmm. So I started to flip through the channels and the only thing on that I hadn’t already seen or would bore me more was 16 and pregnant. So most of these girls put up with some bad things from their bf’s/fiance’s.

Watching this show made me realize how lucky I was to never get pregnant as I don’t want children. I'm not saying that I didn’t become pregnant because of something my parents did, hell I did a lot of shit around 15 that I shouldn’t have.Nothing with drugs or cigarettes or alcohol but something that could have very well got me pregnant. It wasn’t like I was dumb I knew what I was doing but I can’t fathom why I didn’t care. Condoms weren’t used and like I said I could have ended up prego, but I was only doing things with the one guy not more than one. Not saying that excuses what I did but at least I came out good and I learned my lesson, thankfully not in the way these girls did. It was pure dumb luck I never got knocked up.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Mio water enhancer..... vs. crystal light/generics. A battle review

So I hate and I absolutely mean HATE water. It taste funny to me; and I know what your thinking its all in my head, but I know other people that feel the same way so maybe its all been ingrained in YOUR mind & we are the normal ones. Anyway I had been using these drink mixes usually I stuck with the generics from IGA that were $1 for 8-10 drink mixes because I was trying to cut cost, but sometimes I would splurge for the good ones from crystal light or the Walmart ones that were almost as much as the crystal light ones.

mioBefore I started to use the mixes I was drinking the 32 oz of powerade all day at work. That’s 10 hours at work plus lunch. I’m talking on the phone all day so I’m always drinking. So I would consume anywhere from 2-4 a day, that’s 200 calories a bottle so that means 400-800 calories just from drinking while at work. that’s not counting anything I drank before work or after! So that’s why I converted to the mix because it was 8-10 for$1 @10cal each instead of 1 for $.85 @ 200cal each. It just made sense and I had wished I had noticed it sooner.


The bad thing about the generic mixes is that they would clump at the bottom and if I swallowed a unmixed clump by accident it sent me into sputtering fits so bad that my eyes would water. Heaven forbid I be on a call with a customer and have to put them on hold because my beverage is trying to kill me. So then I switched to the box of 10 for $2.50 each, ouch I hated seeing that money fly out of my pocket.

miomioI had hoped that the crystal light stuff wouldn’t clump and it didn’t clump as much but it still clumped. They are bitterly sour when you swallowed the clumps enough to make you gag and make a face like you took a giant bite from a lemon thinking it was an apple. (if someone was dumb enough to do this I would love to be there with a camera.) Although I will say their flavor selection was amazing because I always tended to get tired of the same flavor after a while. (NOTE: I forgot to mention the WalMart generics were comparable to the crystal light mixes and nothing like the horrible mixes I got from my local IGA)

mioI was working on a morning shift not sure of the hours but a girl on my team was always drinking mio at work and I thought it was a cool Idea but I never gave too much thought. Then I was at a friend’s (Kerrie & korey) and korey had the berry pomegranate and asked if I was thirsty, knowing I hated tea and plain water, offered me some of the mio. Right away I was hooked, I went right to the store and bought the berry pomegranate and drank it till it was all gone. What got me was the pure flavor no bitter after taste that I had experienced with some of the mixes, a simple bottle that I didn’t experience any spills with. Oh and here is the BIGGEST one……. Not a single calorie! Not one! So now it was helping with my quest to lose weight. Any other benefits you ask? Yes there is! One bottle is good for 24 uses or more if you like yours weak like I do. So now we have gone from 1 use for $.85 to 8-10 uses for $1 and then to 10 uses for $2.50 and now 24 for $3.50.

I am totally addicted to the strawberry watermelon I almost don’t get anything else at this point because I haven’t gotten tired of it yet and it’s been a year and I’m still drinking the same flavor! For those that know me that is a total shock because I get bored with things.

So now I was still bad with energy drinks occasionally when I felt I was going to fall asleep. Now I know I said occasionally but I drink a lot at once. Here is the lable from the can I would drink:

That’s 300 a can and I was drinking 2-3 cans of monster energy. Omg there we go with extra empty calories!

mioWell I went to the gas station about 2 months ago and I saw an empty display for something labeled mio energy. I asked the cashier about the display and they told me a guy that came in swearing by it bought the whole shelf! So I started to do some research on it. The red one Is black cherry but with the green I was getting conflicting information on wither its call thunder punch or green thunder. So knowing I’m picky and not wanting to waste the money I picked up the black cherry first because it was the best bet. So I tried the next night on my way to 3rds, still adjusting I’d felt tired every night. I loved the taste and as the night progressed I realized it did work and it didn’t cause me to have the adverse affects I always had to the monster such as stomach ache. A few days ago I picked up the green one (green thunder officially) and didn’t know what to expect because I couldn’t find what the flavor was supposed to be. I tried it and I love it more than the black cherry so definitely for normal I will go with the strawberry watermelon or wait there is a new one I forgot! Its orange tangerine I love that too!(not an energy mio). So I am keeping these 3 in stock at my home.

mioWalmart just came out with a GREAT VALUE version of mio and its $1 cheaper and they have some flavors that mio doesn’t have like grape. I have to deplete my mio stash and ill let you know what I think once I try it. They even have generic energy ones! 

So I was sitting here listening.....

To music and playing on the computer and a phrase in the song gets my attention:
Representing you and me
Don't you wanna go down in history?
Rather then end up begging on the streets
Trading under table favors for a place to sleep
Cause I'm worth more then this so stop writing prescriptions for m
y Ritalin
I can't focus my attention 

lol I guess being on Ritalin for most of my life (4-12) it made me snap to attention lol

maybe Katy Perry isn't as bad as I thought.......

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Matrix trench

This has the pattern numbers for the trenches from the matrix. Been looking for that!

Do you see the resemblance?

So I was going to stop posting in the blog and do something else and I saw someones new picture that I know on facebook and I was like wait! I see a resemblance to someone and I sat here and then it hit me. I seen someone earlier on Ugly Betty that matches this picture. DO you see what I see?


E.l.f cream eyeliner review

I just started back in June 2011 getting into doing my makeup again. I have never messed with eyeliner before. I always did foundation and one swipe of eye shadow that did both top and bottom of my eyes.

 The problem with that is it smeared and all came off very easy. So I started trying different eye liners since I started selling Avon I just ordered a few and my obsession began. I love the color blue and teal and while trying to find a cheaper alternative to Avon with more choices of colors I found e.l.f. I now have all the brushes I need at $1 a piece instead of 4.99-6.99. So anyway I got off track a bit there for a minutes, I had issues with every "cream" liner; where I have to dip a brush in a pot and then put it on, that I had tried. So I was a little weary of buying the cream liner from E.L.F. But it was an amazing color of teal/blue that I had found so far...........
elf eyeliner

I can definitively say that I love it and the brush is not bad at all & I have the angled eye liner brush which made the corners a breeze. I was worried the blue wouldn't work on me because I'm not skinny and  I am always afraid of looking like mi mi
But I think this looks good on me.
elf eyeliner

Now I want it in purple!
elf eyeliner
Till next time y'all.

I think this is pretty funny.

OK so if your not into cell phones then your probably wont get this but I work for a cell phone provider that is a competitor of Verizon and this just makes me laugh my ass off.

wow that was fast

All the clothes are put up, the litter box is done I'm currently doing photos again and bout to start editing the video! if you want to check out the pictures go to my post on my other blog here and click on the image to check them out.

wedding photos

I went to a wedding on the 8th and I'm still adding more and more pictures in the edited folder. check it out just click the image below.
wedding photos

Decorative hair clip

I was online looking up crochet patterns and I saw something that inspired me!
hair clip
click the image to go to the tutorial.

So I had been considering it for awhile and I thought this was perfect! and here is the final product!
hair clip
things needed: 
hair clip
Hair clips of choice

hair clip
Glue gun and glue ( I used the $3 one from Walmart.)

hair clip
2 different color yarns, scissors, crochet hook.

first you crochet your spiral using the tutorial linked by the first image.
Once you have your spiral you will heat up the hot glue gun and then put the glue
on the bottom of the flower in the place you want the clip to sit. (This is based on preference
on how you want the spiral to sit in your hair.) Then press on the hair clip. I used a shirt to press down with
(preferably a scrap shirt you don't care about.) because the clip got very hot from the glue. In about 20 mins I
was able to put this in my hair. To me it looks like a flower more than
spiral but I love it!

hair clip

thoughts for today

Today is a busy day. Lots to do and I just added more to it by creating this blog. Today in my early morning haze I realized I wear a size 10 shoe and my rind size is 10 also. What a funny coincidence. On the list of things todo is work some more on wedding photo’s, start working on the wedding dvd, start new laundry and sort the already done laundry, and last but not least clean the litter box. This all has to be done by 2pm, 3pm at the latest because I work tonight. Working thirds is like being a part of another world but I see a closer knit group of co workers on thirds and I think im transitioning into that group pretty well.
I wanna rock an roll all night… and party everyday. Oh oops fazed out there for a sec lol!

Have a great day everyone!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Frog infant hat

This is the 2nd I did and I did something a little different to make the eyes stable.
frog hat

Saturday, March 17, 2012

My new appliqué

I made a car!
car applique

Friday, March 16, 2012

I have got to make this monster hat!
monster hat

Hats and scarves for the homeless

The good: So I been working on this project at work. I've learned a few new techniques like granny square popcorn stitch, my first pom pom,and a few others. My goal is a total of 20 hats,scarves I'm currently at 9 completed! More to come.

The bad:
The scarf pictured below was made with wool yarn. I'm allergic to wool and didn't know it was wool till I made this and a few hats with it. So it explains the issues I had with the skin on my hands. Ouch!

hats and scarves
hats and scarves
hats and scarves
hats and scarves
hats and scarves

Hat model

Been looking for one of those styrofoam wig head and couldn't find them locally so I found the next best thing! She's a brats doll for kids to style her !
hat model
hat model

Infant hats first attempt!

Did my first infant hats! Made the frog as a gift for a friend with a newborn and already sold another!
infant hats
infant hats
infant hats


I had not done much in the appliqués department and while I was bored the other night I decided to change that! I didn't feel like making anything huge so this was a way to keep my hands busy without being a large project.


Sunday, March 4, 2012

crochet flowers

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