Thursday, March 22, 2012

thoughts for today

Today is a busy day. Lots to do and I just added more to it by creating this blog. Today in my early morning haze I realized I wear a size 10 shoe and my rind size is 10 also. What a funny coincidence. On the list of things todo is work some more on wedding photo’s, start working on the wedding dvd, start new laundry and sort the already done laundry, and last but not least clean the litter box. This all has to be done by 2pm, 3pm at the latest because I work tonight. Working thirds is like being a part of another world but I see a closer knit group of co workers on thirds and I think im transitioning into that group pretty well.
I wanna rock an roll all night… and party everyday. Oh oops fazed out there for a sec lol!

Have a great day everyone!

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