Thursday, March 22, 2012

Decorative hair clip

I was online looking up crochet patterns and I saw something that inspired me!
hair clip
click the image to go to the tutorial.

So I had been considering it for awhile and I thought this was perfect! and here is the final product!
hair clip
things needed: 
hair clip
Hair clips of choice

hair clip
Glue gun and glue ( I used the $3 one from Walmart.)

hair clip
2 different color yarns, scissors, crochet hook.

first you crochet your spiral using the tutorial linked by the first image.
Once you have your spiral you will heat up the hot glue gun and then put the glue
on the bottom of the flower in the place you want the clip to sit. (This is based on preference
on how you want the spiral to sit in your hair.) Then press on the hair clip. I used a shirt to press down with
(preferably a scrap shirt you don't care about.) because the clip got very hot from the glue. In about 20 mins I
was able to put this in my hair. To me it looks like a flower more than
spiral but I love it!

hair clip

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