Monday, March 26, 2012

16 and pregnant....... oh boy

So I turned on the tv when I was close to going to bed and didn’t feel up to doing anything and my dvr was *gasp* empty…..bum bum buuummmm. So I started to flip through the channels and the only thing on that I hadn’t already seen or would bore me more was 16 and pregnant. So most of these girls put up with some bad things from their bf’s/fiance’s.

Watching this show made me realize how lucky I was to never get pregnant as I don’t want children. I'm not saying that I didn’t become pregnant because of something my parents did, hell I did a lot of shit around 15 that I shouldn’t have.Nothing with drugs or cigarettes or alcohol but something that could have very well got me pregnant. It wasn’t like I was dumb I knew what I was doing but I can’t fathom why I didn’t care. Condoms weren’t used and like I said I could have ended up prego, but I was only doing things with the one guy not more than one. Not saying that excuses what I did but at least I came out good and I learned my lesson, thankfully not in the way these girls did. It was pure dumb luck I never got knocked up.

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