Friday, August 2, 2019

The Bad, The Boring, The Uninspiring Makeup Tag!

Hope you will participate in this tag and leave me your link down below. Check out Nineties LoveChild video here! Check out Abby's video here! And Smoky Glow's video! The questions! 1. A foundation finish you do not like 2. The worst mascara you have ever tried 3. One thing you tried once and then threw away 4. The most boring eyeshadow palette you own 5. A makeup trend you think is boring and want to go away 6. The worst liquid lipstick you have tried 7. What color do you think is the most boring one? 8. What brand do you think is coming out with the most boring things? 9. Which step in your makeup routine is the most boring one? 10. If you had to choose between a good base and a bad eye look, or a good eye look and a bad base, which would you pick? Business email: Instagram @rubyblood Twitter @madtyper

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