Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Madam Glam Color Changing Gel Polish- Swatches

Madam Glam Color Changing Gel Polish

From Indigo to Blue
First up is My Boo a pretty indigo to blue color changing gel polish. For the application I used 3 coats as I found myself applying really thin coats, 2 coats did not cut it. The formula was really easy to work with and glided on the nail with ease. I am loving this combo.

From Creamy Pink to Bright Orange
Next up is Summertime. This color reminds me was laying on the beach with a blue beach towel. Not sure why but loving this color. I used to 2 thin coats. This gel application was also easy to apply and the formula was the same but with glitter. There is 3 different sizes of glitter and it has the right amount in my opinion.

This one was really pretty when warm. When you want a some what natural manicure but with a little pop of color this is the one. 

These gel polishes were easy to use and fun to do. 
If your want a manicure to last gel polishes are the way to go. These are one of the firsts for me and I can honestly say I love them.

Formula & Curing time:
  • Glittery Creme
  • 2 coats for a Flawless Finish
  • 2 minutes by UV Lamp, 30 sec by LED
Why You will love it :
  • 5-free, Vegan and Cruelty-free
  • Super Fun Formula
  • Perfect to go to the beach (Change color under the water and the sun!) or for anywhere with change of temperature (inside/outside when cold weather!)
These were sent to me for free for my honest review.


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