Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Ejiubas Gel Polish Swatches and Review

Ejiubas Gel Polish
Candy Spring Collection

Hello everyone! I want to share with you some gel polish I had received. These gel polishes
come in a kit.. The name of my kit is the Candy Spring Collection.
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What the kits include:

A.Cuticle fork*1
B.Cuticle pusher*1
C.Nail file*1(100/180)(washable/disinfectable)
D.Nail art pen*3 (Nail art liner line pen/nail art dotting tool dotting pen/nail art painti ng tool painting pen)
E.Soak off base coat*1 (7.3ml/0.25fl.oz)
F.Soak off top coat*1(7.3ml/0.25fl.oz)
G.Color gels (Mint/Lilac/Pink/Light orange)(7.3ml/0.25fl.oz)
H.Talon nails *2 Sheets (Tatal 48 pcs ,10 sizes)(FREE GIFT,NEW PRODUCT Promotion)

The colors that I will be sharing with you are perfect for spring. Also can be worn at anytime.
I can't seem to find names of the gel polishes.

So lets talk polish....
First up is this pretty bright pastel pink. This color would look great for spring and summer.
I applied two thin coats and the gel top coat. I was very pleased with the application.
The consistency was great and easy to apply.

Next up is this mint green pastel. The color dot on the top of the lid is more blue then what is in the bottle. Either way the color is still amazing. The consistency and application was great.  I applied 
two thin coats and gel top coat.

Next is a pastel purple. I applied two thin coats and a the gel top coat. Lately I been loving
blues and purples. The consistancy and application was very smooth. 

  Last color in this collection is a very pretty peachy nude. Could be pastel too. I am not that great at describing color but lets just look how pretty this color is. I really like it. I applied three coats on this one. Was a little patchy with two coats. Also applied a thin layer of gel top coat. Was very easy to work with. 


 Which is it Peach or Nude?

How pretty are these pastels. Are you more of a pastel lover or neon. I love my neons but these are for sure very pretty for spring.

Last colors is not included in this set. Lets take a close look at this one. It is a Chameleon color. It is  translucent on it's on. It is best pair with a dark color. At the time of application I didn't know that. It shifts colors in different angles too, how cool is that.

Here is a macro shot first because its so pretty. 

 I guess I didn't capture the color that great on this swatch
So my overall review is that this is the first time trying gel polish and I have to say I love them. I never tried them due to thinking they were a challenge and hard to do. If your one for wanting your polish to last these are for you.  To apply gel polish it is so easy. You just need a UV or LED lamp.
You can see the easy application in the video below. 

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