Saturday, October 10, 2015

Monster High stamping Tutorial

You guys had been asking me to do a tutorial on stamping. So here it is!

First the basics. I painted my nails with drop the bass from funky fingers.
I figured orange would be a great color to go with since I was looking for a Halloween theme.

The black I used was Sinfulcolors Black on black. It works great for stamping and is affordable and plentiful. Nothing worse to have to wait for supplies in the mail and not being able to stamp.

The other colors I used is (pink) funky fingers all the rave
and a white funky fingers that I have no clue what the official names are. 
The funky fingers are ones that I got on vacation in Nashville and went to my first Five below!

The stamper I used in the video is Winstonia Double ended stamper
I also have extra heads so I can prep 2-4 designs at a time.

The plates I used were Moyou London fairy tale (not a clue on the number)
and the Monster high plate is from Handy


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