Sunday, October 11, 2015

Acrylic Cosmetic and Jewelry Organizer Storage BOX

acrylic jewelry & makeup 3 Drawer organizer is perfect for organizing lip liners, eyeliners, makeup, lip glosses and jewelry and more . It's a space saving accessory that keeps your makeup neat and organized. Made of 100% pure acrylic materiel.

I have been trying to reorganize my makeup collection and this organizer has made that easier. I can put my eyeliners and lip liners where I can actually see them for once. I love that it has all the spaces I can use for my every day use makeup. I have a little bit of everything in my organizer.

I love that its clear making it appear more modern on my table. It matches my lipstick and nail polish organizers as well which are also clear acrylic. I also love that the drawers come pre lined so I don't have to fiddle with cutting liner to fit them.

Want to see what I keep in mine? Check out this video.

Find it on Amazon!

Do you have an organizer like this? What do you keep in it?

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