Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Cosmetic fillers and Doctor Medica

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Beauty is one of the highest rated commodities in the world. Because of that, people are 
prepared to invest a lot of money and time on order to preserve it. However, like with most things in 
life, there are certain obstacles preventing us to retain it for a longer period of time. Many people have issues with deformations and genetic issues which may prevent them from enjoying in a normal social life. Injuries can sometimes cause long term damage to our face. Even if everything is ok, all of us will need to face aging sooner or later. Doctors, seeing this as a problem that medicine could potentially solve, started creating various esthetic treatments that could restore natural appearance to face and 

Esthetic treatments have been around for quite a long time. They were mainly used in order to restore facial features after suffering injuries or deformities. Only way to do it was with a surgery. Seeing the great potential of this procedure, medical experts decided to use it even for minor cosmetic issues such as wrinkles and folds. Unfortunately, it turns out that surgeries were not the best fit for such problems. Procedure can severely alter facial features which can cause depression and stress for the patient. Having in mind that surgeries in general are a risky venture, medical professionals decided to devise new ways of treating sings of aging without endangering health of the patients. 

Nowadays, when we mention painless, harmless esthetic treatments, most people think of 
cosmetic fillers. Medical specialist from https://www.doctormedica.co/often refers to this procedure as a supplemental therapy. This is the main different between surgeries and fillers. While surgeries alter one’s appearance, cosmetic only replenish natural matters that were lacking thus restoring previous 

As the times goes by, skin becomes deprived of important substances such as hyaluronic acid. Because of this, it will become dry, course and wrinkles will appear as a sign of aging. When a doctor injects cosmetic fillers into patient’s skin, he is effectively restoring natural matter and reverting back the process. In most cases, before mentioned hyaluronic acid is used as a main component of these 
drugs. It is an important sugar within the skin giving it plump look. So far, this substance has shown 
excellent results in treating wrinkles and folds. Pharmaceutical companies get this matter from animals and bacteria making entre drug organic. Body usually absorbs fillers easily. After certain period of time (about six months) organism will fully dissolve medicine leaving no trace. 

Lower facial regions can be treated with these medicines. Lips and area around it have excellent 
reaction to the drug. Sometimes, it can also be used for neck and cleavage. But, in most cases, 
specialists from Doctor Medica will suggest against it. This entire region is full of blood vessels. Unless procedure is being performed by an eminent expert, there is a high chance of puncturing a vessel. Pharmaceutical companies started producing medicines that can be used for upper regions of face as well, such as forehead, but they had minor success so far.

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