Thursday, August 20, 2015

Nellie Belle's Nail Polish Swatches

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I'm very excited to be sharing swatches from new indie brand Nellie Belle's with you today! Funny story, my nickname growing up was actually Nellie because my dad's bowling nickname was "Woah Nelly!". I even have a Julep polish named Nellie because of that! Back to the polishes though...

From L to R: Sweetie Pie, Sweet as a Peach, Magnificently Matte topcoat, Firefighters Flame, Purple Summer, and Stormy Skies 

Sweetie Pie is a white based crelly with hot pink microglitter, lavender microglitter and small hexes, purple small and medium hexes, and white medium hexes. Covered well in 3 thin coats. I always love a white crelly and this is super girly and cute!

Nellie Belle's Sweetie Pie, Glossy

Nellie Belle's Sweetie Pie, Matte using her Magnificently Matte topcoat 

Sweetie Pie Bottle Macro

Sweet as a Peach is a glitter topper that is made up of iridescent and holo microglitter and small thermal hexes. Yep, thermal glitters! I always love seeing these pop up! These particular ones subtly shift from white when hot to a peachy pink when cool. Shown in 2 coats over Essie Bikini So Teeny and in 4 coats on its own on my ring finger.

Nellie Belle's Sweet as a Peach, Warm State (slightly cool tips)

Nellie Belle's Sweet as a Peach, Full Cool State

Sweet as a Peach Bottle Macro

Firefighters Flame, my stand out favorite to my surprise, is a neon orange jelly base made opaque with orange, gold, and pink glass flecks. From a distance it reads as a blinding orange but up close it is so complex and gorgeous. In my enormous polish collection I have nothing like this! I've seen neons with flakies but not like glass fleck shimmer. Pictured in 3 coats but when I reapplyed after swatching (that's how much I loved it) I actually preferred it in 2 coats with a little VNL. The macro does this the most justice in photos.

Nellie Belle's Firefighters Flame, Glossy

Nellie Belle's Firefighters Flame, Matte using her Magnificently Matte topcoat 

Firefighters Flame Bottle Macro

Purple Summer is a mid toned purple shimmer base with a fuchsia flash and scattered holo microglitters. The shimmer also almost had a rainbow like effect instead of a solid color. It's a bit sheer definitely needing the 3 coats pictured for opacity and for whatever reason it doesn't appear as smooth as it was but it was still a nice polish.

Nellie Belle's Purple Summer

Purple Summer Bottle Macro

Stormy Skies is a textured slate grey shimmer base with scattered holo. Like many textured polishes this almost covered completely in one coat but I did need a thin second layer. It's textured enough you can wear it as intended without worrying if it looks textured enough but it's also not so textured that you can't smooth it out easily. I did one coat of my swatching top coat NYC Grand Central Station and then added Magnificently Matte on two nails and a second thin coats of GCS on the other two. I absolutely love this top coated because it gives it soooo much added dimension!

Nellie Belle's Stormy Skies, Natural Finish

Nellie Belle's Stormy Skies, Matte and Glossy 

Stormy Skies Bottle Macro 

As for the Magnificently Matte topcoat it is amazingly smooth to apply, like buttah! And it dried down quickly and didn't unmattify easily.

Dani was also kind enough to give me a special code for you guys! Use "Netter10" for 10% off your purchase in the Nellie Belle's etsy store.

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