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Tekubox Waterproof Wireless Speaker Review

Tekubox Waterproof Wireless Speaker Review

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- Water Proof 
- Suction cup sticks to any surface 
- High-definition Bluetooth 3.0 audio with wireless connectivity 
- Six hours of play time 
- Universal compatibility 
- Hands free use

Lets start with the things I liked. 

Color and design: This speaker is appealing to me in both color and design in looks. In use, I think they could have used some of the surface area to allow for a larger speaker to make it louder.

Size: I like that it is small enough I can stick it on the wall and it doesn't get in my way. My shower is not huge and this cute little baby fits right in.

The suction cup: I found the suction cup to be reliable but easy to remove. While other mounting products I have had in the past have been a pain to remove I am able to quickly and easily remove this from the wall and move it to another location. It stayed where I put it without falling off the wall.

Easy to set up and use: The buttons were easy to understand and figure out without a user manual. I was able to sync to the speaker quickly and first try. I know there are plenty of people out there like me that never stops to read the user guide and it uses universal symbols that anyone could understand on first inspection.

What I didn't like.

Volume: This is what I have the biggest complaint on. I was hoping I received a faulty unit and reached out to the company. The problem? The volume won't go up as loud as I think it should. I found it hard to hear over the water with it even on full blast. If I had the phone volume at 50% you couldn't hear anything at all even with the water off. I had to move it to the front of the shower right by my head to get any use out of it. After reading a few other reviews of this product I see others have the same complaint. The answer I got from the company was this:

Hi Ruby, thank you for sharing your concerns. I will definitely bring this up to my manufacturer. I have no issues using the speaker while in the shower, but I will make sure that our quality control team will see this issue. 


No offer to replace the product so that I could fully review this product as it deserves. So take it or leave it this is my experience I had with Tekubox speaker. The worst part is that the music would be louder with just using my iPhone and having it across the room. The weirdest thing I found was the voice for the speaker saying things like speaker on and speaker off were louder then the music.

The call feature: This idea is great because the Old Man tends to call me just as I get in the shower and this makes it where I don't have to get out to answer the phone. The reason this is on the cons list is tied into the volume partially and the mic too. I had to stand close to it to be able to hear the other person, I mean closer then I had to for the music. The other person had issues hearing me and said I was all broken up. I quickly gave up and let them go, frustrated with the experience.  

Would I recommend this product? I would say it might be worth the risk to see if you get a good unit but test it quickly and return it if it doesn't work. I am on the look out still for my perfect bathroom speaker.

Edit************* Once this review was written and scheduled they company sent me a follow up email. This time with the answer that could have been sent to me when I first mentioned that I had issues.

  1. What should I do? I can't hear a sound from my Waterproof Wireless Speaker - High-quality Shower Speaker W/ ORIGINAL ISSC®IS1685S Bluetooth Chipset - Portable Audio System - Best for Showers & Outd!
    • No need for you to worry. Your Tekubox Speaker is not defective or has poor quality. All you need to do is to PRESS the forward button and HOLD. And you shall notice the increased volume.
    • Likewise, if want to lower down the volume, just PRESS the backward button andHOLD.
Following these directions Solved my issues with not being able to hear the speaker.

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