Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Pink Lemonade Watermarble

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The heat has begun to finally feel sort of Summer-like and do you know what I associate most with heat? 
Yep, hands down it's pink lemonade! Originally I thought of doing a gradient...but then I thought what could be better than a pink and yellow watermarble!

I used the "decal" watermarble method where you let the design dry in the cup, remove and dry it, and then apply a base color and stick the design to your nails like you would a decal. I still use my liquid latex around my cuticles because it can get messy when you use acetone around the edges. I love this because you get exactly the design you want and it uses less polish!

Sinful colors Otaku Anime SugarTips Lacquer Hello! San Diego watermarble
Sinful Colors Otaku Anime and SugarTips Lacquer Hello! San Diego
After I finished the marbling I remembered the wheels and wheels of fimo slices I have and knew there were some fruits. Sure enough there were a perfect strawberry and lemon slice!

Macro of middle, index, and thumb

I had to try a macro shot of these and try to show off the gorgeous gold shimmer in Hello! San Diego and you can kind of almost see the rainbow shimmer of Otaku Anime too.

If I had to describe this mani in one word I'd say it feels refreshing! Definitely helps a little bit with this sticky heat we're having.


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