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No-Tie Shoelaces by FastMile Review

No-Tie Shoelaces by FastMile
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Tie your shoes in no time with No-Tie Shoelaces by Fast Mile™!

- SIMPLE AND QUICK INSTALATION. One size fits all – 47 inches length – easy to adjust with no tools required. Recommended installing while the foot is inserted in the shoe to allow for a more custom feel. Installation instructions included in packaging.
- EASY TO USE. Very convenient for children, elderly and those with limited mobility – no need for tying shoes. Perfect time saver – never worry about tying your shoes again during any activity. Universal black color shoelaces suit all shoe styles.
- SUITABLE FOR EVERYONE: Runners, Athletes, Triathletes, Fitness, Walking, Hiking, Soccer, Cycling, Golf, Tennis, Basketball, Yoga enthusiasts, Men and Women, Kids and Seniors, Individuals with Special Needs.
- COMFORTABLE. Elastic cords distribute pressure of laces evenly over your feet and are more comfortable than any regular laces. It gives you better feel and allows increasing your performance during any activity. Strong lace lock keeps your laces at perfect tightness. Reflective cords increase your visibility and safety. 
- LIFETIME 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. Join thousands of satisfied customers and take advantage of our Lifetime 100% Satisfaction - Money Back Guarantee offer NOW! No hassle, no questions asked.

The secret of never worrying about your untied shoelaces again…Have you ever fallen down as you stepped on an untied shoelace? Annoying isn’t it?If you are tired of tying shoelaces, make it FAST, CONVENIENT and SECURE with FastMile™ No Tie Shoelaces!Recommended for Everyone!

No matter your activity and age – everyone finds Fast Mile™ No Tie Shoelaces amazingly useful: it saves time of your workout and gets kids ready for school faster. Universal and practical black color suits all shoe styles perfectly.
The best thing about Fast Mile™ laces – it is suitable for virtually any type and size (47 inches length) of lace-up shoes! Quick and simple installation with no extra tools . Keeps laces tight, secure and comfortable, with even pressure distribution across feet. For added safety, all laces are reflective for enhanced night-time visibility. 
No-Tie Shoelaces by FastMile

Don't Restrict Yourself To Velcro Any More! 

With Fast Mile™ laces you don't have to restrict your choice to just velcro shoes, brilliant! Fast Mile™ no tie shoelaces dynamically conform to your feet for better comfort and support as opposed to regular laces. A firm hold of Fast Mile™ also reduce pressure points at the top of your foot and give your feet a better feel throughout the day which allow you to increase your performance during any activity. 

Never again waste your time tying your shoelaces.
I hate having to tie my shoes, but I hate it most because they never stay tied. I can tie my shoes and double tie them and the right one will always come undone at least 3 times a day. I have had the issue with multiple pairs of shoes. It is always an issue that seems to haunt me. I just got new shoes when these arrived and I quickly pulled out the laces and strung them up.   

No-Tie Shoelaces by FastMile
I have had at least 5-6 pairs of these Nike. They are the Air Max Torch 4 and I really love how they feel but each pair has given me the problem of the right show untying but I think that's just me and my luck. What really sucks though is having to stop to tie them. It's one reason I cannot wait for my reduction. When I bend down to tie my shoes my chest gets in the way and I can't breathe so tying them is not the most comfortable experience.

Putting the FastMile shoe laces in were simple and easy to do. I did one shoe while the old man did the other. The hardest part I found was pressing the button down hard enough to slip the string through at the same time. It took a few minutes to get the hang of it but it was pure learning curve. I made a mistake while putting the one I did in wrong and missed the part on the tongue that the string is supposed to go through. So I noticed on that shoe that I kept stepping on the pull tab and tripping on it. So I took the time one day at work on break to untie the end and redo it. I thought it would be worse having to untie the end and I thought I may end up having to cut the knot off but was pleasantly surprised it only took a moment to untie. I corrected the mistake and now I don't trip over the string anymore.

No-Tie Shoelaces by FastMile

At first I thought I would hate them just because the way they look. I really preferred the way the shoe strings looked at first, but I think that's mainly because they were new shoes. Now I don't notice them as much and I love how my shoes are never loose and I don't have to keep taking  the time to stop and tie them.

 I am loving my No-Tie Shoelaces by FastMile and I think you will too. 

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