Sunday, April 5, 2015

FurMaster Professional Pet Deshedding & Grooming Tool

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About The FurMaster® Deshedding Tool for Dogs and Cats.

The FurMaster works by removing up to 95% of unwanted fur and undercoat. The FurMaster is truly a one of a kind deshedding tool that helps both you and your pet benefit from the amazing results. No More Loose Hair!

This tool is specially designed for large, medium and small pets. The Ergonomical and light weight design makes the FurMaster the perfect choice for Pet Deshedding and Grooming. Compare our product to any Pet Grooming Deshedder
on the Market and find out quickly why the FurMaster® is better and provides longer lasting results!

The Benefits of The FurMaster® Dog Brush Deshedding Tool
* Innovative Design For Long And Short Haired Dogs And Cats
* Superior Construction for Years of Usage.
* Ergonomical Light Weight Design for Maximum Hair Removal
* Designed by a Groomer for Professional Long Lasting Results.
I have been using the FurMaster brush on both my dog and cat. Our cat is super picky and has fallen in love with the FurMaster brush. She will knock fuzzy out of the way so she can be brushed. What is great is this cuts down on her shedding as she sheds a ton.

Our dog fuzzy is slightly terrified of being groomed. When we first got him he was knotted and pretty much had dreads. We worked little by little with de tangling brushes and combs to get through his hair and get the knots. We had tried to use grooming tools as well but they quickly over heated and would not cut through his hair. We finally found a product after many attempts and several hours later we had gotten all the knotted mess off of him. We believe he may never have been groomed before we got him and so he never had the chance to get used to brushes and things. So over the years we have tried to keep him brushed to keep his hair from matting again but each time was always met with the same fear and resistance. The moment he would see the brush he would run and hide somewhere to keep from being brushed. Once we could get a hold of him he would just shake non stop. We are so glad to have the FurMaster because its a completely  different experience with him and grooming. It slices through the hair removing anything loose without tugging. At first he was weary but as I continue to use it on him he becomes more and more accepting of grooming time. When he sees the FurMaster in my hand he doesn't go running off to hide and will come and sit still in front of me. It is like having a new beginning for something I once thought was hopeless.
Thank you FurMaster.

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