Monday, April 6, 2015

Berry Sleepy - The 100% Fruit Sleep Aid Review

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Doctor-recommended Berry Sleepy® is a proprietary blend of three superfruits that are proven to induce sleep. Passion Fruit contains serotonin, a mild sedative perfect for helping you gently drift off. Goji Berries have a blend of magnesium and thiamin, ideal for high-quality rest. Tart Cherries contain optimal levels of melatonin to help you stay asleep.

Created by sleepless parents, Berry Sleepy is an effective and truly healthy sleep aid that people can feel great about taking.

I have had issues with sleeping since I was pretty young. Since being an adult the issue has continued and previously been taking Tylenol PM but I noticed after I seemed to be even more tired the next day. I hate pills and the ones that leave a bad after taste are the worst. The great thing about these are there is no taste and it slides down without any issues. I tend to wake up earlier than I set my alarm feeling wide awake and ready to hit the day running.

When these first arrived both I and the old man took one and went to bed. We both quickly fell asleep and didn't wake up through the night as we usually do. We both felt refreshed in the morning and it was amazing. I gave some to Adge to try as well because with her new job she had been having issues getting sleep since she works 3rd shift. She said they helped her to fall asleep and stay asleep.

I was skeptic at first that these would work but I was happily surprised, If you have problems sleeping and are looking for something natural instead of all those chemicals then Check out Berry Sleepy. 

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