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Games for the Family from Family Games America

Games for the Family from Family Games America

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We wanted to focus more on the kids in our lives this year with the holiday gift guide. So we partnered with Family Games America in a review. They sent 3 games that vary in age range but can be fun for the whole family. Adrian and I had a blast playing these games as a test for the review. 

Mark my words

Making words has never been so fun! Each player is given a number of letter tiles to use to make words and score points. As letter tiles keep getting added to the board, new words MUST be made and then marked down for points! Educational, creative and challenging Mark my Words™ is ideal for all ages.

This game took us a few times reading the directions to make sure we understood what we were doing. Once we got through that we started to play.

Mark my words
Our board quickly looked like this and we tried to find the words before the other could. As the game progressed it got harder and harder thinking of words with the tiles that we had. 
Mark my words
This is what the board looked like once we were done playing. The game ended when we no longer could come up with anymore words (Darn the letter Q.) 
I have to bow to Adrian as she kicked my butt. This game was a way to get you thinking out of the box and finding words in what at first glance looks like a jumble of letters. This is a game that can be quick or can be long depending on how fast you can find the words. We played for about 45 mins.

Ages 8+

The grown up game

After dividing into teams, players try to have their team mates guess what they want to be when they grow up. From astronaut, to doctor to musician, the team to guess the most grown up jobs wins!

This one was my favorite from the 3. The hardest part I would have to say would be coming up with questions to ask to get the information you would need to figure out what your job is. This game isn't just for children and can be played by adults.

Adrian got makeup artist and asked what she needed to do her job. I said she needed models and of course her response was "Am I a playboy?" hahaha this game had us cracking up by some of the questions we asked trying to find out what our jobs are. This is one of those games that can show you where your mind is.

Here is Adrian's final tally.
The grown up game

I won! Heres my final tally.
The grown up game

Apparently I am very busy.

We feel that some of these cards may be hard for a 6 year old to guess but its great for adults and we believe 8+. It is marked 6+ on the info. We would recommend sorting through these before having a 6 year old play and pull out some of the things that may be too hard to guess. Biologist left us both scratching our heads.

Food trivia game

Read the question on the card and see if you can guess the answer! Answers are on the back.
One point for each correct answer.

We found this game to be fun. It taught us some things we didn't know even in our wise years. This game was a quick one and was a mixture of true and false, multiple choice, and open ended. It makes learning fun and you don't even really know your learning. I think of it like the kids version of who wants to be a millionaire. I always loved that show! The funniest moment was when it asked This:Food trivia game
Adrian was like does any of them even exist??? Then she realized what she said and we busted out laughing! Lime was the only one from the 3 we recognized.

Family game america offers several card games in these tins. They make great carry along games and stocking stuffers. So if your looking for games that will teach your kids as they have fun check out Family Games America

This review is part of our Holiday Gift Guide
Holiday Gift Guide


  1. How fun does this game look! Totally fun! I have my 5 yr old sitting with me and she said she would love to play a game like this. I'd bet some of it wouldn't make sense and you said, but totally a fun opportunity to have a family game night!

  2. I love family game night. I have had y fill with scrabble so maybe I need to pick up Mark my Words and give that a try! It looks challenging and would be fun to step outside of our normal game routines!

  3. These all look like fun, but the Mark My Words just sounds confusing! ha. I'll stick with my scrabble I think :) I WANT the Food Trivia though. Hubs and I veg out to Food Network.


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