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Apex Gaming Keyboard from Steel Series

Apex Gaming Keyboard from Steel Series
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We got the chance to work with Steel Series who makes accessories for gamers.
Computer games have grown in popularity in the last few years and it seems everyone is playing them. Sometimes though a standard issue keyboard isn't good enough. That is where the Apex comes in. The Apex won top gaming keyboard of 2014 and costs $99 which from looking online at competitors is an amazing price

Apex Gaming Keyboard from Steel Series

The apex has Macros that can programmed to do actions that may normally take several keys to do. Thus making game play easier and faster response time.

What I love about the Apex is I didn't have to install any software. It has a key that you press when you want to program one of the gaming keys. I admit when first looking at this keyboard to a normal person there is way to many buttons. I found it most hard to stop myself from hitting the caps key every time I went to hit the letter a.



Apex Gaming Keyboard from Steel Series

Apex Gaming Keyboard from Steel Series

The Apex features 5 independent color zones that are each capable of 16.8 million colors. These can be customized to create a unique color scheme for each of your macro layers. This allows you to quickly determine which macro layer is enabled and helps finding groups of your macros according to their color. Imagine a yellow theme for harvest macros, blue theme for defend macros, red for attack macros and more. The possibilities are limitless.



The combination of 16.8 million color illumination, low-profile keys and sleek lines come together giving Apex beautiful form and optimized function. We even built in a few more features to make Apex the complete solution.


Swappable rubber feet allow you to find the most comfortable gaming angle for those long gaming sessions. You can raise or lower Apex depending on which feet you decide to game with.



Introducing the SteelSeries Apex, a gaming keyboard designed with low-profile, fast-action keys which allow owners to react quickly, move strategically and gain the competitive edge.


The SteelSeries Apex gaming keyboard supports anti-ghosting for 20 keys located in the most-used gaming areas on the keyboard. Out of these 20 capable keys, 6 can be used simultaneously, allowing those key presses to register and without locking the keyboard. These keys are: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Q, W, E, R, A, S, D, F, L-Ctrl, L-Shift, Space, and the four arrow keys.


The Apex gives you 88 more ways to win. 22 independent macro keys are each capable of up to 4 layers (via layer select keys), for a total of 88 potential macros. Of course, much of the keyboard is also programmable making for an enormous total of 504 programmable keys. And to top it off the macro keys above the F-keys are raised up for easy access and combinations.


We wanted to give you even more control with Apex so we added an array of other keys. Independent media and volume keys provide instant access to media control and more. Two more arrow keys give extra directional convenience. The SteelSeries key allows you to access special functions like disabling the Windows key.

Apex Gaming Keyboard from Steel Series
I love that the cord is a sturdy cable much unlike any other keyboard than I have ever owned.
I love that the keys light up as it makes it easier for night time typing because the lighting in my house is very dark. I love the extra space at the bottom of the keyboard that acts like a wrist prop as well.  The addition of the extra USB solves a few problems I had been having with not enough ports.

The first thing I did before hooking up this bad boy was to swap the feet to the more high profile ones. I like to have my keyboard at an angle as it makes typing for me more comfortable. Once you get into the placement of the keys it makes typing faster than what I had with my previous keyboard.

If you have a PC gamer in your life then the Steel series would make a perfect gift this holiday season.

The Apex gaming keyboard is part of our Holiday Gift Guide.

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