Thursday, October 30, 2014

SinfulColors Halloween 2014 Wicked color

SinfulColors Halloween 2014 Wicked color

I was sent 5 of this amazing collection for review. That being said all thoughts are my own and not influenced by anyone other than myself. This post also includes ones I purchased from the collection as well. Second half of the collection will be coming soon.

I received Glow In The Dark, Cauldron Couture, Splatter Spell, Mystery Moonshine and Pumpkin Spice for review and then purchased the rest of the collection passing on gogo girl, lets talk, pine away, clear.

SinfulColors Halloween 2014 Wicked colorSinfulColors Halloween 2014 Wicked color

The collection is as follows:
Tricked Out Top Coats
Cauldron Couture: Wickedly glittery emerald         Glow In The Dark: Ghoulishly fluorescent
Mystery Moonshine: Multi-colored confetti             Splatter Spell: Gilded black flecks                          
Halloween Favorites
Black on Black: Dark-as-night black                       Clear Top Coat: Scarily shiny topcoat
Cloud 9: Pumpkin perfect orange                            Courtney Orange: Opalescent tangerine
GoGo Girl: Sleek & sexy candy-apple red               Let's Talk: A royal purple hue
Pine Away: Glittering metallic green                        Pumpkin Spice: Twinkling fall orange
Snow Me White: Bright white                                  Starry Night: A sprinkle of midnightstardust

$1.99 exclusively at Walgreens & Target stores in October 2014

SinfulColors snow me white
Snow me white is a great white to have on hand for stamping. This baby can stamp amazingly which is why I went back and grabbed 2 more after they went on sale for $0.99 recently at Walgreens.This is 3 coats for opaqueness, it dries so quick that its a little hard not to get brush strokes with this color.

SinfulColors mystery moonshine
Mystery moonshine is filled with shredded glitter which I absolutely adore. I did notice the base on this was slightly pink toned and left snow me white a little pink. I am not sure if this is intentional or if its caused by a glitter bleed but the color is bewitching.
This is 1 coat over snow me white.

SinfulColors cloud 9
This gorgeous shimmery orange goodness is beautiful in the sun! It even caught my co workers eyes! I am not a fan of orange other than neon but this color is amazing. This is 2 coats of cloud 9 with no topcoat.

SinfulColors pumpkin spice

This is cloud 9 with 1 coat of pumpkin spice. This has a mixture of red copper and orange glitters. A perfect color for fall and everything pumpkin season. If only it was pumpkin scented, oh wait my lotion is so that's ok!

SinfulColors cauldron couture
Cauldron Couture is one of my favorite toppers in the collection. It isn't as wild as mystery moon shine and thats why I love it. It could be used any time of year to add a little wicked into your life. It has black and green  micro glitter,green shredded glitter and black hexes. I have an obsession with shredded glitter and I am glad to see it being used in more polishes and especially collections for my favorite holiday. Mourn my pinky nail with me I lost it this morning.
SinfulColors splatter spell
Splatter spell is pretty much cauldron couture with bronze instead of emerald green. Again the shredded glitter is to die for! Once I get a chance to do my nails I will replace the image with a swatch on my nails I ran out of time and didn't get a chance to paint my nails much.  This is 2 coats of splatter spell.

 I was unable to get a good picture of the glow in the dark top coat but I can tell you the glow from it gives ghoulish glow from China Glaze a run for its money. The glow lasts longer and looks better than ghoulish glow. I am picking up a black light and then I will add a picture here showing the glow topcoat.

Overall so far I am impressed by this years Halloween collection and can't wait to try the next half of the collection.

Part 2 coming soon!


  1. ooooo i love these colors. I needs me some of these!

  2. Nice Polish Color are fabulous!!

  3. I'm ALL about some bright colors!!! I love the cauldron couture nails!! Looks so pretty together! Plus the cloud 9 with pumpkin spice glitter is beautiful!

  4. How did I miss these?! I wonder if they're still available anywhere? Great swatches and post!

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