Monday, June 9, 2014

Whirl a Style: A perfect accessory for Cosplayers

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Sailor Moon is being re released this year and I know I am know I am not the only one excited about this fact. Sailor Moon has never lost popularity over the years and has always been a turn up at Cos play events. With the new show it has a chance to reach a new generation and grow even more in popularity. 

Sailor Moon is just one of many anime characters with the odango hair style. While the hairstyle may not be hard for those with easily managed hair people with hair like mine dread it. The traditional way of making this hair style includes looping a knot. This is where it gets scary for me! My hair has a mind of its own and will snake around hair ties and create knots even on the tangle free kind. So if I was to do the traditional way I could end up having to cut my hair to get the knots out. No thank you! Here is the awesome part, for those with hair like me you can use the Whirl a style!

sailor moon gif photo: Sailor Moon moongorgeousmedgif.gif
The Whirl a style comes in a few different sizes. I have the large one I use every day to keep my hair up and its so quick and simple. The small ones are what I am using in this review. For the odango look you need a mirror or you will end up with crooked buns on the sides of your head (it takes practice don't give up!)

Now you can do your hair with and without the tails its just a little extra work to do the tails.

These are not meant to be used with regular scrunchies but currently its all I have and will have to pick up some of the ouch less ones from the store in the future. In the end I did more of a human luna style 
The only difference is she has bangs and 4 buns and I have no bangs and 2 buns.

The length of your hair is going to greatly effect this and which size you need. My hair is to my waist and I discovered later I needed the medium ones to do this properly but I can still used the small ones for other looks.

I love my Whirl a styles and the convenience they offer me with the ability to do so many looks I may not have been able to do before.

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  1. Your hair is adorable! Before this review I wouldn't have given that product a second though!

  2. I'm reworking my Sailor Star Fighter costume and in a few days I'm planning on changing my Facebook profile pic to a head shot in gear.... I'm such a Moonie. I have almost all of the costumes from the series lol

    1. I love love sailor moon. I've been obsessed since the show first aired in the USA (I was 4) it's just something that I've kept with me over the years. If I could fit them I'd have a few costumes. Maybe someday. I can't wait for the new show though super excited about that.


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