Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Selfy case by Iluv

The Selfy case by Iluv

The selfy case is something I was excited to stumble upon. I take a lot of pictures and sometimes holding the phone is not the best option or an option at all. That is where the Selfy comes in, you can prop it up or attach it to a tripod and use it to take video and  photos.

The selfy is available in both black and pink. I love the pink its so bright and girly. This case is so well made its amazing. I don't feel like if I drop my phone in this its doomed. This does not have a built in screen protector so if you don't already have one you will need one. 

The Selfy case by Iluv
I also do stop animation videos so having something like this on hand so I don't have to manually hold the camera in place is amazing. It also eliminates me having to touch the phone possibly moving it if its on my small tripod.
The Selfy case by Iluv

I love that the remote detaches from the case itself so that its always on hand. I had a wired shutter cable but the problem was when I needed it I never had it. With the selfy its right on hand and I can grab it and just start clicking away. This also gives me some more options to  record video on the go and not have to worry about editing me walking away from the phone out.

The Selfy case by Iluv

Another thing I discovered is you can use the selfy without using the selfy. I know that's confusing but I figured it out during my testing process. You can keep your current case on your phone and pair the selfy with your phone and use just the remote. There is a disadvantage to this though, on the back of the remote where it sits against the case there is a button that prevents anything bumping the button on the remote and turning it on while its attached to the case. So if you were to have the remote in your pocket and your key pressed the button there is a big chance you would find yourself with a dead battery in your selfy.

I could see the selfy being loved by teenagers trying to take action pictures with their friends. I also loved the video of the skate boarders they included in the Amazon page and really gives and idea of what this can be used for. I also see it being of benefit to fashion bloggers to not have to have someone take the picture for them. I can tell you there is plenty of times I thought this outfit looks amazing I want to share it and then no matter how many photos I take I can't get the right angle or trying to rely on the mirror to get all of me. Those pictures never turn out and I almost always give up and walk away but now with the selfy I have new options open to me. 

If you want a selfy of your very own then Check them out on Amazon!

They offer the Selfy for the iphone 5/5s, Samsung s3, ipad mini, ipad air.

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  1. this is cool! thanks for sharing this on your blog.


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