Saturday, May 31, 2014

Bic pens review from Shoplet

I got the chance to review some Bic Pens and markers from shoplet. I can never have too many pens because I need some in the car, at my desk, and at home. I got several kinds in to test from permanent markers to pens.

First up is the Stylus Pens.
I love that these come in metallic colors. The pink one is from the Susan G Komen line and they both write black. The stylus comes in handy and I love using it on my ipad.
Made this on the iPad playing around with the stylus and a app I will be reviewing next week.

 I love that Bic supports a cause so large and important as ending breast cancer. I also love the pink that these write. These are part of the Atlantis series and are comfortable and easy to use. 

I love these! They are markers but won't bleed through paper and Its so much easier to label packages with them so its easy to see and not as thick as if I used a standard marker. The fine tip is great for drawing and writing I will be keeping one of these in my purse for jotting down ideas for reviews. 

I have loved gel pens since I was super young. I love the way they glide on the paper making smooth lines. These are no exception to my love of gel pens. I love the way they fit in my hand and the comfort grip is amazing. When I first pulled them from the package I noticed a small orange ball on the tip. I suppose its to keep them from leaking in the box, its ingenious but caught me off guard as I had never seen anything like it before.

I am no stranger to the Mark it line from bic! I have the entire collection but its always great to have spares of the main colors to keep in my computer desk. They flow awesomely onto paper but they will bleed through so be sure not to have something important under the paper you are writing on. These will write on: Glass, metal, plastic, photos, and more!

They come in 2 different tip kinds: Ultra Fine Point, Fine Point, Chisel Tip. All the ones I have are the fine point but now I want to check out the ultra fine point.

You can get all of these amazing pens and more at Shoplet.

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  1. Such Great Products I Must Get Some Love Your Review & Yes You NEVER Have Too Many Pens!! LOL!


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