Monday, January 6, 2014

Face Cleaning Routine for Bedtime

Have any of you girls ever had the feeling that you can be doing more for your face in terms of keeping the skin fresh, clean and hydrated? Well, there are lot of beauty treatments out there, and a lot of them have at least some shred of empirical evidence to support their effectiveness. A person cannot expect to a miracle cr̬me or a wonder drug Рthings like that don't exist outside corporate infomercial and ad campaigns. In the real world; a person have to do a NUMBER of different cosmetic procedures, scientifically prove procedures that have been tested and re-tested time and time and again. I personally have tried all steps mentioned in this article, and I am more than pleased with the results. Here is what I do:

Clean the Skin 

The first thing that should be on everyone's mind is how can we get more cleaning action out of our cleaning agents. I personally like using non-oil, commercial brand make-up removers, but for the sake of this article we are going to look at some all-natural remedies,l and hope that they do just as good. These are some of the essentials:

Coconut oil – Not only is coconut oil great for cooking, but it is also a fairly powerful moisturiser. This substance will successfully remove dirt, make-up and dead skin (cells) off your face. Coconut oil is also regarded by some specialists as being a natural antiseptic and the best part it – it is completely non-toxic! So much so you, you can use it as an eye make-up remover and it won't even sting your eyes. And the smell...need I say more?

Castor oil – If you are looking for a sure way to get rid of those unpleasant bags under your eyes, then this is what you are looking for. Castor oil is think, very think moisturiser that works great on wrinkles and puffy, dark eyes.

Any garden variety exfoliating agent – I cannot help you with this one; you have to make the purchase for yourself. But regardless of what brand you use, be sure to limit your exfoliating sessions to no more than 1-2 per week. Too much of this stuff and you will lose most of your natural face oils (which we need to keep healthy).

Witch Hazel (Hamamelis virginiana) – Are you familiar with the term astringent? Until recently I had no idea as well. As it turn out, stringent is a substance which shrinks or constricts body tissues. We can say that this is Nature's very own secret toner (not so secret now apparently). It works wonders in keeping the skin from getting too loose and wrinkled.

I use hot water as a precursor to all my procedures. Hot water opens up the pores – making them that much easier to clean. I do one facial with coconut oil, wash it and repeat – 2 more times. Castor oil goes under the eyes and the witch hazel I leave for last. The exfoliating agent should be applied last and for at least 5-6 hours. It is best to put it on right before going to bed, and remove it once you get up. Read the labels very carefully and always consider your TYPE of skin before treating your face with anything!

Paula Sheamus is a cleaning expert at . She knows a lot of tricks for smooth and clean skin.

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