Thursday, December 26, 2013

Wizard World: Top Five Illusionists

Do you believe in magic? Not the everyday kind where for reasons unknown to man nor beast, the toast you left in 2 minutes too long didn’t burn; real magic, the kind where you are caught completely off guard and you become so intrigued you lose sleep at night trying to uncover the mystery. Well this particular form of magic is something that has fascinated society for millennia, inspiring folk tales, cult movements and entire commercial industries – and its power over us doesn’t seem to be in any danger of waning as our curiosity and appetite for magicians, wizards and magic-makers of all kinds is at an all-time high. From magical movie franchises to event artists extraordinaire, magic is everywhere and in honour of those that bring it to us, here are five of the moment’s best loved magic makers:

A key element of the transcendental Arthurian legend, Merlin was the original British sorcerer and captivated the land with his prophecies, spells and intrigue. Due to his legend’s oral roots, specifics of Merlin and his sorcery vary from source to source but most depictions of Merlin in popular culture show him performing all manner of magnificent magical acts.
The Wizard Of Oz
Originally a circus magician from Nebraska, Oz the Great and Powerful is a master of magic and trickery, ruling the Land of Oz from behind his smoke and mirrors in the Emerald City. Able to make himself appear in different forms to Dorothy and her friends (a giant head, a beautiful fairy, a ball of fire), the Wizard helps them solve their problems and find their way home. Though he is not a conventional wizard in the sense of spells and magical wands, Oz’s sorcery is legendary in film, literature and theatre.
Harry Houdini
Stunt performer and illusionist extraordinaire, Harry Houdini amazed millions around the turn of the 20th century with his daring and awe-inspiring escape stunts. A meticulous magician thoroughly trained in his craft, he accepted and attempted increasingly daring challenges, escaping a Chinese water torture cell and being buried alive. A true illusionist, Houdini is synonymous with the world of magic even now.
Harry Potter
Hogwarts’ chosen one and the most famous young wizard of them all, J. K. Rowling’s Harry Potter is a marvel of the 20th century. Bringing his magical and now iconic world to the masses, Harry Potter has an innate talent as far as his powers are concerned and he masters sorcery almost without any effort. Powerful enough to defeat He Who Shall Not Be Named and able to solve countless mysteries for Professor Dumbledore, Harry is rightfully reveredas a hero as well as a skilful sorcerer. 
Oliver B
Contemporary, enchanting and incredibly talented, Oliver B is the finest close up magician London has to offer. With performances and personality that ensure he stands out from the crowd, as well as a long list of celebrity admirers – including but not exclusive to Simon Cowell, TinchyStryderand Keith Lemon – Oliver B is continually making his mark on the magic community and it looks like he is here to stay; the ultimate modern-day magician.
With so many iconic illusionists that have entertained and amazed generations, it seems magic is very much a part of our lives and with a new generation of talent making its mark, our fascination with magic won’t be going anywhere.
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