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Top Tips To Help You Choose Your Perfume Guest Post

Top Tips To Help You Choose Your Perfume
Perfume can have an extremely prominent effect on those who wear it. It can make a person feel sexy and glamorous, fun and playful, light and flowery and even hot and naughty. However, when most people are choosing their perfume, they don’t really have any idea about how it is going to make them feel.
Not only is choosing a perfume hard because of the sheer amount of choice there is available but also because many of us are often too shy about spending too long in the shop, asking the assistant to keep letting us try perfume after perfume.

However, it is well worth going through all the motions to ensure you choose the most suitable perfume for you, so here are a few useful tips to aid you in your perfume buying adventures:
1. Know the difference between the fragrance types
Most of us can obviously see that perfumes are all priced differently; however, many of us assume this is due to the size of the bottle. Whilst this may be true sometimes, the majority of the time this is down to the concentration of oils that the product has. Scents will be weaker or stronger depending on the concentration of oils within the fragrance, hence the differences in price.
There are 5 different fragrance types:
- Perfume
- Eau de parfum
- Eau de toilette
- Eau de cologne
- Body spray
Of the 5 different types, perfume has the greatest concentration of oils, therefore making it have the strongest (and longest lasting) scent. This is the reason is will also cost the most and why body spray, with the weakest concentration levels, is the cheapest.
2. Clear your sense of smell before trying
When choosing a perfume we are often bogged down with a range of other scents, from the perfume we sprayed on ourselves that morning, to the other fragrances in the air of the perfume store. One of the best ways to ensure your scent is not affected by other factors is to pop a coffee bean under your nose. Although this may sound odd, it really helps clear your sense of smell, enabling you to really sense all the notes of the perfume you’re trying out.
3. Apply the fragrance correctly
Of course, this point is incredibly important because everyone should know how to apply perfume but unfortunately, many still do it incorrectly. It is important to apply it right when trying a perfume out, otherwise you risk getting the perfume home and finding out it doesn’t actually smell as good as you remember.
Scent should always be applied to pulse points, where your skin is at its warmest, for example, at the wrists and hollow of the neck. This is so the scent is nicely spread about the body, as your heart beats. If you spray the perfume all over your body, you risk overpowering everybody nearby and plus, perfume doesn’t last as long if just sprayed over your clothes instead of your body.
4. Allow the fragrance time to develop
Not one person has the same body chemistry as another. This is because our different diets, skin types and natural body scents are all different. As such, this means our bodies react differently to different perfumes and so fragrances will differ in their scent depending on who is wearing them.  
This is why it is so important to give any perfume you are trying out time to develop properly. Never just smell a sales assistant’s wrist and buy the perfume based on how it smells on them, since it could smell totally different on you. You need to try the scent out on your own body and then go for a wander outside, away from the perfume shop. Give it half an hour or more and then check to see how you like the scent.
5. Use additional scented products
Perfume shopping can be a very pricey exercise; however, it is one everyone likes doing because we all like to smell nice. However, if money is particular tight at any point but you are desperate to buy some new perfume, why not go for a cheaper body spray option, alongside alternative products, such as scented shower gels and body lotions. Using these products, in addition to a cheaper spray, will help you layer your scent and so keep you smelling the way you want to for longer but at a much reduced price.
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Laura writes for Click Fragrance. When not writing, she can often be found ruminating over which perfume to choose.

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