Friday, November 15, 2013

Pink Chiffon by Laquerlicious

Today I am reviewing Pink Chiffon made from the amazing Laquerlicious. I love her glitter bombs as I have said over and over!
Check out the other reviews I have done of her products.

This has larger circles in fuchsia and smaller in fuchsia and a lighter pink and silver larger circles playing peek-a-boo.
Black, pink, and silver square glitter. It is also filled with hexes of various sizes in fuchsia,pink,black,and silver.
wow what a mouth full and I am not even done yet!
It then has micro glitters in pink,fuchsia, and silver.


  1. That is an absolutely gorgeous pink tone, I love all the glitter!

  2. This polish is awesome! Love all the colors in it!


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