Saturday, October 26, 2013

Adore nail polish in Blushing Bride & He's the Lucky One

Adore nail polish in Blushing Bride & He's the Lucky One
I received the following product in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts are my own.

While looking at Adore Nail polish collection it was hard to pick and I was seriously torn! There are 2 things I am lacking in my polish collection. Those are Pastels/ light colors and Reds so when I saw Blushing bride and He;s the lucky one I had to add them to my collection.

These retail for $8.
I know for non nail polish addicts thats a lot of moolah but I am here to tell you these are worth it! Here is how I value my polish after being in the collecting game for awhile. How many coats does it take, how versatile is it, dry time, how long does it last.

So lets start the break down!

Blushing Bride
"Blushing Bride" (matte light purple)

I was amazed when this came in and I opened up the bottle and put it across my nail. Do you know why I was amazed? This was a 1 coater!
This is me after opening the package! I had 1 bare nail and just slapped it on and didn't even wait for it to dry! Once I saw it was a 1 coater I snapped a pic. I really love this color more than I thought I would (maybe my taste is changing?) Ready for the Glitter Bomb?

This is LE Skeletons In Your Closet from Laquerlicious over blushing bride.
 I love it don't you?!!! I plan on using this over and over again in the many glitter mani's coming in the next few weeks and I mean that I have a ton of glitter bombalicious polishes with reviews coming out.

I even used Blushing Bride in my Breast cancer awareness mani early this month.

Got distracted for a moment there! The dry time is great and I didn't have time to bump it and have to redo it. It has a lovely matte finish but looks amazing with top coat as well. 

He's the Lucky One
"He's the Lucky One" (bright redish orange)

This one required 2 coats to reach opaque but thats still amazing in the polish world. The texture of this reminds me of the leather polishes from Sinfulcolors but with a very slight shine. Love the texture of this polish its just one of those you would have to feel for yourself. I know there are some out there that have black wedding dresses and this would sure pop with a black dress!

These were thin enough I could use them to water marble! I am still learning and an issue i've run into is a polish too thick to come out fast enough so I can add additional color. I didn't run into that with these and this was a much more successful attempt than I have had in the past.

More pics!

These polishes can be worn any time of the year not just your wedding day!

Check them out online to see all the beautiful colors they have available!

Find Adore nail polish at:


  1. I love all the photos you have included with this review! It looks like a great brand. I think $8 isn't too much for a polish but then I don't collect them so it is not as if I have to have all the colors! :)

  2. Very creative. I love the breast cancer ribbon and the glitter!

  3. I love your pictures so cute and unique too. My daughter would love the blushing bride one.

  4. I love your pictures! They are always so unique. I love these colors. Love the breast cancer mani!

  5. I love all the wild and wacky desigs that you featured :)


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