Sunday, October 20, 2013

Treasure Chest by Sinfulcolors from the Crystal Crush collection

I received these products as press samples. The thoughts below are my own. 

This is the second polish I received from the Crystal Crushes Collection for fall of 2013. You can see my review and swatches of Purple Gleam Here.

This is pic heavy so be prepared!

I did 3 coats of polish on my nails. I had them done neatly but there was an accident in front of my home and I rushed outside and in the commotion I ruined my nails. I applied the 3rd coat on top of the existing polish to fill in the gaps.

This is 2 coats of polish on a swatch stick.

 These were taken in a dark room with flash so you can better see the glitter.

The texture is the same as with Purple Gleam as is the dry time. It has gold glitter in it to give it the sparkly appearance. It was very hard to catch the glitter in images and this color is so much more beautiful than you can tell here. The color reminds me of the sea green crayons of my childhood which was always my favorite green. Be sure to use thin coats or this will not dry.

I am pleasantly surprised with the Crystal Crushes collection and will be looking for the rest of the collection to hit shelves in my area.

Colors from left to right:
Got a Blush on You,Blue Persuasion,Orange Crush, Treasure Chest,Emerald Envy, Purple Gleam,Ruby Mine,Face the Facets.

Have you gotten your hands on any of the Crystal Crushes? What do you think of them? Which colors are you most excited about?

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  1. love the green thanks for the swatches!

  2. Love the different pictures because I could not see it before. This is perfect for St. Patrick's day too. Thanks for sharing the Crystal Crushes with us.

  3. I really like that green and the glitter adds a lot of dimension! It looks like it would be pretty, without being flashy!

  4. I love all the colors that you show us and this one is no exception. I need to get more colorful with my nails!

  5. I love all the images, its nice when you share so many.. This polish looks awesome.

  6. Ahh, very nice. I have the perfect outfit to match the Treasure Chest. Thanks for sharing.


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