Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Planet Sock Monkey Magenta Beetsch Review

I was provided the following product in exchange for a review. All thoughts are my own and are not influenced by others.

I am Alternative in style and love bat purses and skulls and spikes so needless to say when I saw Magenta I fell in love. I got a chance to review her and was so excited when she arrived. I will be putting her on my desk at work since there are many sock monkeys on my co workers desks she won't be lonely but she will be the most stylish.

Watch our full review here!

More pictures!

 I'm ready for my close up!
 Oh hello!
 Whatcha Doin?

 Contemplating the meaning of life.

Check out the full line!

New monkeys coming soon!
So if you are looking for something special for that alternative person in your life then Planet sock monkey is just waiting for you to stop on by!


  1. Oh my goodness these are absolutely adorable now I want one for myself. Thanks for sharing with us all. Hint Hint hubby my birthday is coming up in a couple of months ha ha.

  2. This would be absolutely perfect for my daughter! She is crazy obsessed with monkeys and LOVES rocker-chic things, too!! Love it!

  3. This is so cute. My friends mom used to make these...not this extravagant but brings back memories!

  4. They are so cute! I definitely want one for my daughter for Christmas!

  5. So cute! i KNOW you're in love with that doll ruby. LOL

  6. Oh my gosh how adorable are these..

  7. Ok, those are all too cute. I can see why you like them.


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