Friday, September 13, 2013

Beauty spoon Review

I received the following product in exchange for a review. However I only recommend items that I or  I believe my readers will find useful.

 I got the chance to review the Beauty spoon and here is what I would like to tell you. I wish I knew about the beauty spoon before in the past. I have spent much time beating and banging bottles trying to get the last drops of product (much to the dismay of the Old Man). An example would be I am in the shower washing my hair and I notice that I can't get anything to come out of the bottle. I would then proceed to bang the bottle either against my knee or against the wall causing all kinds of racket. I work nights now and have been doing it so long I just do it out of habit, so imagine being dead asleep and hear a banging and you will know why the old man hates it. Thats where the beauty spoon comes in! 

What is the beauty spoon?

Think of it like a spatula but instead of food its for beauty products.

You insert it into the bottle and use the scoop along the inside of the bottle and then pull out leaving the product on the "spoon" and voila what you would have thrown away can now be used.

The spoon part is very flexible so if you can fit it in then you can beauty spoon it!

When I first heard about the beauty spoon the first thing to come to mind to me was lotion, shampoo, and conditioner. Now you may ask why the inventor came up with the Beauty spoon. I will let her tell you.

See the video on this post over at the Live well Network  and see the beauty spoon in action on foundation and beauty serums.

Beauty Spoon® Beginnings! 

Welcome to! My name is Claudia A. Hoexter, Inventor of the Beauty Spoon®.

Here's the story behind the Beauty Spoon®...

As a former model, I am very conscious of my skin and the products I use. Unfortunately, I noticed that I wasn't always able to retrieve all the liquids/creams/gels in my product bottles.

So one morning, I had enough and created the Beauty Spoon® (etched on scratch paper first) before I headed to work. What can I say? I'm a multi-tasker! I invented the Beauty Spoon® so that no one else would have to endure this frustration any longer. No matter the cost of your beauty products, $10-$100, you have the right to your money's worth!

So remember, If you can't get to it, Beauty Spoon® it!

I hope you enjoy the Beauty Spoon® as much as I do.

If you really love the Beauty Spoon® and want everyone to know, please like us on facebook and follow us on twitter!

This info comes from beauty spoon website

See my video about the beauty spoon! 

The beauty spoon runs $9.99 for the 2 pack set and if you buy from the Beauty Spoon website you get these 2 containers free to store in anything you retrieve with the Beauty spoon.

Beauty Spoon is available nationwide in 2400 Walmart stores.

More pictures!!!

Find them:


  1. I could so use this for my shampoo, conditioner.

  2. Wow this could save me a ton of money. Im always throwing out left over shampoos and things.


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