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Red Carpet Manicure Gel manicure Starter Kit

Red Carpet Manicure Gel manicure Starter Kit 

We received the following products in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts are our own.

I have been curious about the home Gel nail manicure sets since they have exploded on the market, and thanks to Red Carpet Manicure I got the chance to try it for myself!  

What comes in the kit!
(info from the site)

All of the tools for a Red Carpet - Ready Gel Manicure. 
Portable LED Light - Battery Operated Curing of accessories and color for a gel manicure in minutes. 

The Red Carpet Manicure Starter Kit contains everything you need for a professional salon gel manicure in the comfort of your home. Our RCM Portable LED Light is especially designed to efficiently cure RCM Structure, LED Gel Polish and Brilliance in minutes. The Red Carpet - ready manicure will last weeks of long wear and shine.

Portable LED Light - Battery-Operated Curing Light. Batteries NOT included (requires 4 AA batteries).
Structure - BASE COAT GEL
Red Carpet Reddy - LED Gel Polish  (I received other colors for review purposes)
RCM Instructions Card

What I received is a little different then what comes in the above kit

I love that this has a USB power option instead of just battery but I love that I could use batteries too so I could do them on the go or traveling. 


I received 2 colors to review.

There are quite a few steps to do to to complete your gel manicure so you may feel overwhelmed at first. Trust me in the end it is worth it.

My thoughts.

At first I started the process slow but once I got the first hand done I didn't have to go back to the book as often to recheck the steps. I love the cuticle oil that comes in this set and use it all the time. I did my nails primarily black with a red accent nail. When doing you're nails the clean up is something you want to do! I mean it, don't be lazy like I was because it is going to get hard at the end and you cant correct later without removing everything. My thumb nail collected a small blob of polish in the bottom right corner and I wanted to pick at it and it got caught in my hair constantly. If you did manage to peel this off you will cause damage and its not worth it so don't! You are better off removing the polish and starting over. I loved the texture of this it made my nails smoother then they have ever been because it filled in the ridges that are naturally in my nails. I couldn't stop touching it, I caught myself touching them absentmindedly. They lasted without chipping for about 2 1/2 weeks which is when it got to the point it had grown out so much and the puddle of polish on my thumb had come off. 
Close up of my nail after growth.

If you don't change colors often due to lack of time or just lack of interest (or for the sake of being lazy) and looking for something that will last and look just as awesome as the day you do them without the cost of a salon then a Gel manicure is the way to go.They starter kit for RCM is only $59.99  or the pro kit $79.99 (also available at Ulta) vs Sally Hansen home kit that ranges $69.99 or other systems that can be $100+. No matter the gel system you choose if you go to the salon and looking for a more affordable home choice  
 it will pay for itself in the end. Each bottle of polish from RCM is .30 fl oz and cost $9.99 vs .14 fl oz for $12.99 from Sally Hansen or .30 fl oz from Gelish for $14.95 so to me it seemed to be the most affordable option for my budget.  I have never been to a nail salon as I always had other things I preferred to spend the money on (like my collection of polish) so to me the home option is more preferable because then I have that bottle of polish and can use it more then once instead of paying $25-$40 each visit to the salon. Also once you purchase the starter kit you have the LED lamp and can buy colors from other brands if the color you are looking for is not available from the maker of your LED  

I did not receive the erase product but you can do the same with a bottle of pure acetone.

More pictures!!!

When I say to make sure to do the clean up I mean it! Don't do like I did. I didn't have anything on hand to complete clean up (shame on me for not being prepared) and ended up with the gel base under my nails because they were so short at the time and cured my skin to my nails (Painful!!!!!!)

Find them online:

I love my home Gel manicure set from Red Carpet Manicure and highly recommend it for the cost conscious.
5 out of 5 stars

We received the above product in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions is my own.


  1. Wow, that's really neat. Love the look of gel manicures, and the idea of them lasting so long. I hardly do my nails cause they chip so fast!


  2. Look wonderful!!!!!!! I really need one!

  3. ohhh looks so awesome, and I can see how shiny the polish is!

  4. Awesome! I wonder how it would work with the new ombre look on nails. Love the shine.

  5. Thanks I was wondering how well the at home Gel manicures worked

  6. Nothing like a good lasting manicure!

  7. Wow... that is awesome, I love the lamp that comes with it... and you are right, it is cool that you can choose battery or cord...

  8. Wow - that is really awesome! My daughter would freak out if she had that - lol. She loves doing her nails!

  9. This is so interesting! I've never tried anything like this at home - but am a huge fan on salon gel manicures every now and then. This looks like a great product. Thanks for sharing your experience!

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Love the gel looks. I never have time to hit the nail salon so definitely something I would try at home.

  12. Hey great review my wife will love this and so will the girls.


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