Thursday, January 31, 2013

Starlooks January StarBox

Starlooks January StarBox

Starlooks January StarBox

Its that time again! Yes that's right it's StarBox time! So far out of the 3 StarBoxes I have received this is my favorite. I am an eye liner addict as I have said many times before and this box came with 2!  So lets get down to the nitty gritty of what is so amazing about this box.

This is what it looks like when it arrives.
Whats inside?

The inside of the Starbox

My look created using the StarBox and other products I had.

I've just gotten into using blush and I am always worried when looking at colors that I am going to pick the wrong one but this one turned out quite well I think. 

Having brown eyes I have always thought green helped bring out the color so they are not too light and not too dark. I loved how easy it was to apply the Fancy pencil as it didn't require a lot of pressure & you could layer it so its only a little shimmer or a brighter green like what I went for. I have been waiting to test out the Nyx light green & this was just the best opportunity as it went along with the color scheme. Because I am pale as it is I usually layer any color with black to help to prevent from being washed out. I used the brush included in the box to apply both colors first using the light green all over the lid and then layer the black from middle to outer corner and the same on the bottom with both the shadows and the liners. I applied the blush with my finger tip smoothing it on.

What I used to create the Look.

                                                                   Blush in Cuty Peach

                                                        Diamondline Eye Pencil- Fancy

I also used:

What is StarLooks?

StarLooks Starbox is a monthly subscription box you can purchase for yourself or others. The subscription is $15 per monthly box and $25 for past boxes you weren't signed up for. 

This is what the company says about themselves:

Starlooks believes that licensed makeup artists shouldn't be the only ones with access to high-endaffordable makeup products. We believe every makeup lover is a pro, and deserves a chance to purchase artist quality makeup at pro prices! Shop through an ever-expandingvariety of color selections and product choices that are all of M.A.C® quality (or better)! You're guaranteed to be blown away by not only our prices, but also the lasting wear, the vibrance, the creamy and smooth application, and the light-weight feel of all Starlooks makeup products.

Starlooks Makeup Line is entirely *Lead Free, *Emolient Free, and *Cruelty Free.

Go HERE for the FAQ. 

Find StarLooks at:

I was given a Starbox in exchange for a review. All opinions and thoughts are my own and not influenced by others. 


  1. I love that bracelet! and the color of the lip gloss is great too!

  2. THat bracelet is awesome! The makeup looks great on you! I will have to let my sister know about this, she loves makeup!

  3. Wow I need to look into getting one of these boxes! These are awesome! I'm a beauty junky!

  4. I'm like Oo LaLa Savings...I need to look into getting one two. Love the eye shadow I know my oldest daughter would love this!

  5. Wow I love getting surprises in the mail and $15 is very affordable!!

  6. Oh my goodness!! That would be the perfect box to have!!


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