Friday, December 7, 2012

Mía Mariú Review

I received the following products for this review:

My review:

"Previously I had been using Avon Healthy Makeup
Cream-to-Powder Foundation SPF 15 in light Ivory."
I have bad acne and scarring and have been trying different primers and foundations lately and when I was given the chance to review some from Mía Mariú I was excited to say the least. Previously I had been using Avon Healthy Makeup Cream-to-Powder Foundation SPF 15 in light Ivory. I noticed that it never looked the way I wanted but still better then some other makeup I had used in the past but I wanted more, I wanted something that appeared more natural.

I put the primer on and I noticed it was creamer then the e.l.f Primer I was using before and took way less to cover my face. Once that had been applied and had a few mins to set I then put on the foundation with the wedge provided with the foundation.I really like that they included the wedge as I am sad to say I didn't have any. I was at work when I put on this makeup and when I was walking to the hall on break my coworkers even asked if I was using some new makeup because it looked smoother and evened out better. It gave me a more natural look and I found myself loving the makeup. I can say that when this runs out I will be ordering more.

The lip gloss was more on the stickier side then what I am used to. The color was about the same as my natural lip color which is awesome because I don't like to draw anymore attention to my lips (then what my lip ring already does) because then it just seems overly done. I just couldn't get over the sticky feeling of the gloss and so I passed it on to a friend that liked stickier gloss and they loved it. So if you don't like sticky gloss don't get the Luminous Lip Gloss, get the Hydrating Stick Gloss instead.

About the company:
Mía is a Dallas based health and beauty social selling company that offers entrepreneurial business opportunities for women. Our natural health and beauty products are available exclusively through our Independent Advisers and online. Mía offers an innovative approach to social selling using the power of ecommerce, social networking and personal service behind extraordinary natural health and beauty products.

My vision was to create a company for women who wanted a contemporary and progressive way to make money without sacrificing time with family. Mía offers a stylish and lucrative home-based business opportunity that is fun and rewarding and is a powerful way to help you make money, make new friends and reach your personal success.

Find them online:

Overall I give Mía Mariú 5 out of 5 stars.

I received the above items in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own and are no way influenced by others. 


  1. Nice! Very cool that it lasts longer too, it seems that a lot seems to go so quickly! And smoother makeup is always better, so very awesome :)

  2. I love how it look it looks clean and smoother and natural, I'm sorry for the lip-gloss but that primer seems quite great!

  3. Very nice...I would love to try this!

  4. I am just starting to get into make up. I like the more natural look as well. I'll have to look for this product.

  5. Its always nice to find a product that you love. I dont use any type of foundation, I only use bronzing powder to brighten up my face because im a natural ginger. Plus I hate feeling like I have makeup on. Great reveiw tho, thank you for sharing :)

  6. Oh this looksl ike something I would like to try.. Looks great.. thanks for sharing


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