Friday, December 21, 2012

Starlooks December StarBox

December is almost over but the time is just beginning with this makeup set. Do you remember this photo from my November Starlooks review?

Well the wait has ended and it is finally here!

I love the purple the most in this pallet, my second fave is the bright red, and in 3rd the blues. I like the greens too as they have always looked good with my brown eyes.
I used the 2 Lighter purples for this look.

I really liked the StarBoxes and they have introduced me to the subscription box.

What is StarLooks?

StarLooks Starbox is a monthly subscription box you can purchase for yourself or others. The subscription is $15 per monthly box and $25 for past boxes you weren't signed up for. 

This is what the company says about themselves:

Starlooks believes that licensed makeup artists shouldn't be the only ones with access to high-endaffordable makeup products. We believe every makeup lover is a pro, and deserves a chance to purchase artist quality makeup at pro prices! Shop through an ever-expandingvariety of color selections and product choices that are all of M.A.C® quality (or better)! You're guaranteed to be blown away by not only our prices, but also the lasting wear, the vibrance, the creamy and smooth application, and the light-weight feel of all Starlooks makeup products.

Starlooks Makeup Line is entirely *Lead Free, *Emolient Free, and *Cruelty Free.

Go HERE for the FAQ. 

Find StarLooks at:

I was given a Starbox in exchange for a review. All opinions and thoughts are my own and not influenced by others.


  1. What other products do you get with a subscription?

    1. Its basically a mystery box each month click November to see what was in that box.

  2. looks amazing that palette is so cute and i love the color in your eyes

  3. I like the purples and the greens. Not so sure how the yellows would look with my skin tone. I do like how there is a wide variety in the pallet and so there are many different looks you could create with out having to purchase tons of different individual colors. For someone who wears a lot of shadows and colors I can see this saving money AND time.

  4. I think I will need to check this out and tell my daughter about it. She loves to try new makeup all the time.

  5. That is super fun!! I owuld love to get one!

  6. This would make a fun gift! I have a couple friends that love trying new make up.


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