Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The search for the perfect eye liner.

Ok so I started to wear eye liner about June of last year and I have this issue. It wears off of me whether it's water proof or not. I have tried a few different brands in many types: liquid,pencil,clickable pencil,gel. It all either melts off of me or (like the liquid) flakes off. I actually found someone that does their eye liner in the look that I was going for and asked what they use. I just got the one they said they used and I have tried it a couple times. Today I am going to try it with primer to see if I get a better result because I am not looking to see what it looks like when I put it on but what it looks like over time. So far I do love the easy application on this eye liner but its not lasting as long as I hopped. I supposed there is only so long it would last but I don't have much experiences with eyeliner. Once I am satisfied with results I will post a review.

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