Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Crafting disaster crayons

So today I was going to do a trick I saw online. That trick? Melting crayons in a microwave in a mold to make shaped crayons.
Well I plugged in this microwave given to me specifically for crafts and what do you know it beeps and no power. So I decide to do it in the oven. I lined a brownie pan with wax paper and put it in a preheated oven like I seen online. The thing I forgot? Well to check how high to set the oven so I of course go with the usual 350 we use on everything thinking a few mins would be ok. Well then I realized the only thing in the kitchen getting power was the stove I panicked and forgot the crayons! Oh my! So by time I remembered the mold started to melt so I turned it off and pulled out the tray and sat it aside. Then I continued to run around the house panicking cause my fridge has no power and my air isn't working. So I start testing every outlet and nothing is working then I find 3 that work. 1 in 3 different rooms so now I do like the old man says and turn off the breaker and back on same issue. Next I try turning them off then back on one by one same issue. After he says he's on his way I go sit outside and was being a total worry wart talking about it on fb with friends. I got impatient because he said it could be awhile so I went down stairs turned everything off one by one left it off for 5 mins and then turned back on. I am in business! Everything is back up and running but out of 4 crayons only 1 turned out.

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