Monday, July 23, 2012

About Rubyblood part 2.

I should have left him there and ended the nightmare that he had become. I was just so desperate for someone to love me that I thought I deserved it. For those that have never been through this you may not understand. Even looking back to me from before it happened I don't know why I let it continue after the first punch or why I stayed so long.
Even through it all, I sent him the money to come back and the abuse didn't stop. I graduated from high school in May of 2006 hiding all the pain and fear I had inside of what was next.I cried as I realized my "care free days" were over. In one way school was carefree because all I had to do was focus on getting the best grade I could and not if my paycheck was going to be enough to pay the bills. Before the bills weren't mine and if they didn't get paid we would just move, but now I didn't have school to keep me away from the shifting moods of my mother. Now all I had was work for 8hrs to keep safe. More time for him to get mad and hit me, more time for me to me to worried about how I'm going to eat next because there isn't any food in the house.

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