Sunday, June 17, 2012

From daughter to father.


Dear dad,
There are so many things I wish I could say. I'd like to be able to know if you would be proud of me, the life that I have made. I'm a hard worker like I would imagine you were when you could still walk. I wish every day that I had more pictures of you. I wish you could have seen me graduate high school. I wish that I had a video with you in it so I could still heard your voice. I wish that when I was a child it was like it is now, Where electronics abound and I may have had a digital camera to record home movies.
The children of today are lucky as their parents will most likely leave behind a Facebook page that they will be able to go back and read the things you said to them or the thoughts that you posted to your wall. Video cameras are so cheap that almost everyone has them and if they don't they have a cell phone so there will be videos that they can watch to hear your voice once your gone. I know it sounds corny but no matter how crappy your camera quality is I would recommend recordingning a video saying how much you love them and things you would like them to know about you, or funny stories when their babies. Put it on YouTube or a DVD and make sure to put the url or location of the DVD in your will.  Because if you don't they will wish they had it once they are old enough.

Dear dad,
I simply just want to say I miss you.

BirthApril 6, 1953
DeathJuly 12, 2004

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