Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Carnival of Madness 2012...what dreams are made of.

I wish this concert was coming to my town. I would totally buy the advance tickets on the floor! Tons of great bands, possibly free stuff off the stage, and who knows Maybe I would get to meet amy lee!

The bands that are playing are: Evanescence, Chevelle, Halestorm, Cavo, and New Medicine! Absolutely love the first 3 but don't know who the other 2 are but totally might love them once I hear them. Just saw Halestorm with Staind, Godsmack back in may and LOVED the concert.

The thing I think I love most about Halestorm is that they took the time to sign every one of their CDs that were sold that night. No I didn't get to meet them :( unfortunately but they had already signed them before putting them at the merchandise booth. I like it but at the same time I hope all the other bands don't start it because then I'll never get to meet them! That's something you guys don't know about me yet is I adore autographs and getting to meet the band! It's even better when you get to get your pictures with your heroes! Although I have been discriminated against by a.band before. (sick puppies was taking pictures with all these skinny fans and signing the CDs I got them to sign but they wouldn't take a picture with me. Even bothered to say that they have been told not to do it by their publicist. I wanted to say oh is it because I'm not skinny cause I just saw those blonds behind the table just a second ago..... Ugh made me so MAD!!!!!)

Are you going to the concert or already went? How was it.

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