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Wednesday Season 1 Review

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I remember when I first heard about this show was coming out. Immediately knew I needed to watch it. The style of the show was something I loved from the start. While some think it was basic it drew me in. The Window design in the room shows Both Enid and Wednesday style made me smile. Honestly its like the 2 sides of me, my love of the dark and spooky but my love of color as well. I need some merch with the window on it added to my collection.

Beware if you continue from here you are sure to find Spoilers.

The way the series starts hooked me into the show. I loved Wednesday avenged Pugsley and it made me laugh that we were already seeing such behavior so quickly. Lerch was such a passing character that you could miss him if you weren't looking for him. The show really pulled me in and looking back I could feel myself being annoyed by Morticia and Gomez's behavior. It almost felt like they weren't living the same situation as Wednesday. The way I assume Wednesday herself was feeling in those moments. 

While the show had many moments I loved and had me on the edge of my seat there were parts that I did not understand. Some reviews called them plot holes and I can see that after watching the series. Evermore is a school for the unusual and yet they immediately made Wednesday an outsider. It almost seems like they just assumed she was a normie with a dark style. A place she should fit in made her feel like she didn't belong and was unwanted. Her hardened emotional exterior hides from us what she is actually thinking, something we see through cracks later in the show. We see the occasional joy seep through no matter how much she wants to hide it and pretend it isn't there.

There are little hints to the original Addams Family movies, and I felt they were a nice touch to the show. I loved Christina Ricci's cameo in the show and found it hilarious that she ended up being the villain. I laugh thinking about it because its like Wednesday is fighting herself in a way. I had not seen much of Jenna Ortega's catalog, but I found her to be brilliant as Wednesday. The idea of not blinking when being filmed adds such a nice touch to the character. She makes acting look easy and is apparently great at Improv and choreographing her own dancing. A scene that blew up on social media for ages and pulled some in who originally said they would not watch the show.

This season was a great start to what I hope turns into a long-running show and I can't wait to see what is next. What character is your favorite so far? Tell me your thoughts down below about the show.

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