Friday, June 23, 2023

The Venture Bros.: The Complete Series review

 I watched the show very little when I was in high school. It was something that I picked up here and there when we had cable. I always felt like it was a similar vibe to Jonny quest, which was a show that I watched a lot as a younger kid. And now looking it up, I find out that that was actually quite intentional, which makes it even funnier. I started again recently with the season one when I receive these discs for review.  Boy was it more graphic than I remember. It had my husbands head turning in the other room like what are you watching. He’s old fashioned and doesn’t watch anime or cartoons and in his head cartoons for adults didn’t exist until he saw this. Honestly the first few episodes feel like early game of thrones where it’s sex sex sex all the time but they don’t directly show it just enough so you know what’s happening.

It’s hilarious how things that I recognize now that I wouldn’t have known then. Now Dr. Byron Orpheus reminds me of dr strange whereas when I was younger I would have thought Vincent Van Ghoul from Scooby doo and the 13 ghosts. Honestly though it could be either but adult me leans to dr strange.

The show is filled with so many twists and turns and you never know what’s going to happen next. Henry and Dean floor me with how dumb they are and you really don’t see it until dr Orpheus daughter starts talking to them and the words they use begin to sound so out of date. I feel like dr venture really ignored them and they missed out on a lot and are socially awkward. I laughed about them being tranquilized so he can get work done but at the same time it’s very sad.

The story feels like it starts in the middle like so much has already happened to these characters. Where is the boys mom? Why is Rusty shown as such an uncaring father. Why is monarch a self proclaimed arch enemy of a man who barely seems to realize he exists when we first come in.

I’ve read online that later seasons are better so I’m going to skip ahead a couple seasons and come back with an update of my thoughts. I myself am bored with the sex scenes and would rather get on with the story. I feel like I would have found it funnier when I was younger.  

Ok so I skipped to season 4 and I can definitely say this is an adult cartoon no question. The brothers are less annoying at this point. And overall I found I enjoyed it more than I did season 1.

The packaging for the set leaves some things to be desired. It’s a thinner plastic meant to reduce plastic use in packaging but at the same time leaves it flimsy and brittle. I received my copy with disc one rolling around in the case and the first “page” of discs broken off on one end. When checking through the pages I found one disc that was put into the package backwards. This isn’t the first issue I’ve had with the newer packaging. With a set this hefty I feel a more supportive case is called for.

I would say stream a couple episodes before making the purchase if you have never watched it. If you are a fan then I say jump on this! You have the option for digital or dvd so it depends on your personal preference

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