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Review: Lucifer: The Complete Fifth Season

Lucifer is one of those shows that grab you and pull you in. I remember when I first found the show I devoured the first 3 seasons in a matter of weeks. Then I had to watch the seasons as they released after that anxiously awaiting each release. Season 4 left me on the edge of my seat, I wondered with lucifer leaving if we would get another season. When I saw the announcement of season 5 confirmed I jumped up and down. 

Tom Ellis voice is amazing and time and time again I said I would love a sound track from the show, and have since found that they did release one and I am happy to listen to it as I type this review.

Back to season 5 here. I was shocked by the decision to split season 5 into 2 releases but its not unheard of doing so. The pain Chloe and Maze feel at the absence of lucifer broke my heart. Just when we thought they would finally be together he just disappears. Maze feeling betrayed because she wanted to go home and he failed to take her with him, as if she's been cast aside. I cried a few times this season and I understood where they came from and that caused the water works to kick in.

You can take the devil out of the realm but you cant take the want to solve a case out of him, It made me smile that even when being so far away he still wanted to continue the work that he and Chloe did side by side. I find this even more telling of his feelings for the mortals he left back on the earth with the time difference and how it flows much quicker in hell. So in truth its been thousands of years and they are still on his mind. 

Michael is probably my most disliked character in the whole show. Honestly how hes the "angel" and Lucifer is the "devil" is beyond me when Michael shows himself to be the worst of the worst. I am beyond happy that he got the end he did and did not get gods throne as what a disaster would that have been. I wondered at "Lucifers" weird behavior in the early part of the season but once we discover its not really him it all makes sense.

oh man this show had me in my feels so much and I don't want to make this a billion pages long for you. So let me just condense this down. When Chloe shoots Michael to prove who he is had me cheering for the brilliance in doing so. Gods overall attitude towards his children made me a little mad at times especially when he's just like you'll figure it out. 

Daniel Espinoza: Naked and Afraid Had me cracking up and in the end when Lucifer says how much he spent had my jaw on the floor. When Lucifer first comes to the conclusion that he should be god he is in my opinion in it for the wrong reasons, and shows it through the season. When Chloe finds out she's Pregnant that was a plot twist I never expected and when she didn't tell him I kept yelling oh come on! 

Episode 15 was another of those episodes that had me bawling. As someone whose father died when I was young this one hit me hard. Seeing the effect it had on the other characters was hard as well and made me cry even harder.

Ella I feel understands more than she realizes because she knows something is up with god because she feels things are different than they used to be. When Chloe died I lost it, I literally had to pause the tv and go for a walk. Then when Lucifer faced his own death to bring her back my heart was full. This episode had me back and forth with all the deaths but in the end, when he cut off Michael's wings with the flaming sword I cheered. I felt that this was a step in the right direction of making up for Dan's death but the end of the season had me craving for more. What did you think of season 5? Who was your favorite and your most hated character this season? Will Charlie be ok? Find out next season!

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